Dao Controlled Investment Schedule

I believe it would benefit Wonderland in several ways if part of the treasury, I recommend 10%, was released to a newly dedicated dao managed wallet in which a method is determined to invest as agreed upon by voters.

This allows the community to play a key role in the success of Wonderland. It promotes engagement, education, awareness, and would help bring this dao to the next tier in terms of what it is capable of.

We simply vote to allocate 10% of treasury funds to a new msig wallet controlled by the team. From that point we schedule a vote one week in the future.

The very first vote is a basic measure to get the ball rolling. We vote between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 directional assets to place the allocated funds towards. Once the positions are offered and decided upon, a consensus vote is made available acknowledging the dao decision and agreeing to declare another vote towards the upkeep of the dao managed wallet 30 days in the future from the date the funds are initially positioned as desired by the dao.

The goal is to promote an environment in which the dao is able to act by its own accord in progressively meaningful ways.

I see the dao defending itself against relevant risks by adopting this proposal. Inadvertent manipulation is effecting the flow of things due to the process of centralized action. The two most relevant risks here are found in the ones who are liable and responsible for required centralized actions, the other risks are found in those who rely on the centralized actors to defend the whole of the decentralized entity.

I also propose we put this into effect as soon as possible due to current circumstances and the nature of the market.

From glancing at debank it appears we hold approximately 148 million USD between USDC, USDT USDt, and MIM. I suggest we allocate loosely 10%, or 15 million USD worth of the treasuries current combined stable coin position. Ideally this happens as soon as possible, with the 15 million in USD being transferred from our 105 million USDC position to a new, team hosted wallet.

I will be the first to suggest how to utilize the 15 million USD.

5million USD in AVAX
3 million USD supplied as ETH on Aave via avax network
2 million USD supplied as Avax staking on Benqi via the avax network
5 million USD supplied as ETH on Compound via the eth network

The first steps necessary to be taken are 15 million USDC is transferred from the main treasury wallet, to the new one. From that point a new amendment to the original proposal will be created for the community, and the dao, to discuss and further better establish the use of these of these funds.

If the dao does not see itself as being capable of managing its own treasury to this extent, than we are far from capable of being a continually successful contributor within the crypto space.

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