[DAO Discussion] CMP 5 - Organize Dao Affairs & Align Future Interests of all Interested Parties

[CMP #5] - *Organize Dao Affairs - Two Additions to the Protocol Architecture *


In order to serve all members who hold stake in the Volta ecosystem, and to provide better on-going clarity of the current state of affairs, I propose we add two additional measures that shall be agreed upon and upheld until new circumstances require a change of course".

Provide a High Level Overview:

Volta, is a Dao led protocol that is ultimately responsible for itself. We, as the interested parties involved are responsible for the advancement and success of the protocol. With that said our “company” has no true hierarchy, no true oversight, and no clear direction forward. This is not an issue of blame or fault, but rather an opportunity to find a solution to a problem. This CMP serves to align the interest of all participants by clarifying the present situation with a new archive of all previously relevant governance decisions and a forward plan of action that has feasible expectations of development and reporting to abide by in order to protect against both self-interest and to serve all members equally in proportion to their stake.

Provide Low Level Details:

This proposal requires all interested parties agree to append to the protocol:

  1. A concurrently updated archive of recent governance decisions. The specific details of which are to be authored by the total sum of contributing members. This draft will be updated on a monthly basis and intermittently changed throughout its life course.

  2. A thoroughly prepared Dao-inclusive business plan that outlines the relationship between Volta and Uwu Lend, specifies operational and reporting activities, and addresses technical concerns and improvements to be made over time.

The consequences of not implementing these two simple plans of action include further disorganization of the Dao, possibility of future mismanagement errors due to lack of self regulation, and financial loss for invested members who otherwise rely on the Dao for protocol information, guidance, and expectation.

If this passes, the additions will be implemented into the protocol no later than 30 days after the vote concludes. This allows for plenty of time to reach consensus on a how to approach Uwu Lend as a Dao-owned protocol and proper time to create and fully draft a relevant governance archive.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

Nothing is required beyond a discussion and a vote to pass this CMP. But if this CMP passes, further discussions will be held within the Dao as to the details and implementation of the decisions made.

Hello ser,

Can you ELI5 what this means ?


Sure, it would be a thread that includes notable protocol updates as they happen. Including references to past changes. It would serve as a more formal place for Dao members to keep track of on going affairs.

Ok, I think I understand.

Can you elaborate on how different it would be from just looking at the CMP/VMP folders here on the Discord ? And why it would be better ?

Sure, of course there exist the option to look at previous events on the forum. That gets people comfortable with the past, but it doesn’t tell them much about the present or the future as time passes, and furthermore there is no such record as to keep track of the results of decisions made. Especially if no official follow discussions are had to review decisions made by the Dao.

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