[DAO Discussion] Community Rewards Proposal

Community Rewards Proposal


This proposal aims at introducing a community reward system that would reward anyone who brings valuable opportunities to the DAO. This is not a bounty system, and rewards are not paid immediately, but when profits have been locked in.


Community members will be able to present an opportunity via a ticket bot system.

Each ticket should include, at minimum, the following details:

  • Project/Protocol name & official links
  • A summary of the due diligence done (e.g. founders/management details, history, etc)
  • Risk assessment and profitability estimation, including a realistic range of returns
  • Timeline for profit taking estimations

For seed investments, a full project plan with all standard forecasts should be included.

Tickets will be reviewed, answered and recorded, to be released for transparency when needed, or to settle disputes.

Any seemingly valid strategy has to be properly vetted by the Risk Officer, voted by the treasury council and go through the proper governance process when applicable. Any community strategy implemented is to be managed and overseen by the applicable elected member(s).

Any tickets that do not meet the minimum requirements will be discarded with the reason why it was not considered. To be reconsidered, a new ticket with the missing information should be submitted.

Eligibility requirements and reward distribution:

The submitted opportunity must meet a profitability threshold of a minimum of 10% return for the protocol - this threshold may be reviewed and changed depending on market conditions via the established DAO treasury guideline votes.

Tickets will be eligible on a first come first serve basis.

Reward Distribution

Rewards for strategies must be gained within the estimated and negotiated timeline for profit taking. A reward of 3% based on applicable profits per opportunity is proposed.

If a strategy fails to achieve the minimum threshold within the agreed timeline, no rewards occur. If a strategy meets the goal within a delay of 25% the original agreed timeline, a reward of 1,5% shall be given.

If a strategy performs twice as well as expected, a bonus of 2% will be awarded. A bonus of 2% will be given if a strategy returns double or more than estimated.

These rewards will be distributed when profit is claimed and calculated on the total profit amount, before final distribution to the farm/treasury. Rewards are given in the claimed profit asset.


I’m all for this. Will motivate holders to seek out opportunities for Wonderland!


Agreed. I am all for improving community participation and engagement, while also rewarding those with good ideas. This is should be a great incentive program! :heart_eyes:


Good ideas that bring value to all investors should be rewarded; long overdue :heart:


Great incentive proposition, this will bring community together and make good trades decisions for all investors, let’s make Wonderland :grapes: again!


I agree with all the comments above and besides that I’m very happy on how much this helps decentralizing even more the Wonderland and Treasury Operations. :+1:t2:
On the other hand I want to share with you how sad I am for having to build an app to do the job but don’t be afraid, I’ll test in production.


This sets a precedent for more community initiatives, I like it. My only concern is that it might swing both ways: either we get very little proposals (given the assumption that majority of the community are not adept at investment strats) or we get an influx of shills (which may or may not be a bad thing).

We’ll just have to go with it and see how the response is and make adjustments from there. Overall, I like it.


I honestly doubt it magically changes the amount of shills we already get - and even if it does: you just volunteered to pre-sort them, right? :laughing:

Jokes aside - if it turns out to be too much work to sort we will just adjust the sorting system.
We added the minimum required ticket info for that reason: makes it very easy to pre-sort; for example.


This is such a cool initiative. I can see a leaderboard in our future with something like this. I can’t wait to see this in action!


This is a great start to motivate people to participate! However, I would consider the fact that many users are young and scared. How about adding a raffle to it, something like once per month you would make a raffle for the people that participate and give a small giveaway for the winner(s) of the raffle. This way we would have more chance to capture all the “crazy” ideas that many times are just genius :slight_smile:


We are definitely discussing ways to improve participation, and a raffle is a great idea! There are other incentives we are considering as well, pending the results of the Wonderland Organizational Structure Proposal, to boost community engagement. :two_hearts: Will store this idea away for the future! :blush:


Wouldn’t make a raffle just for these specific group of investors, as that would probably just cause spam of semi-valuable ideas to „participate“.
As Alice mentioned, pending results of the structure proposal there would be a community allocation for these sorts of things - and reachable for all investors, not just the ones with trading strategy proposals :heart:🫡


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