[DAO Discussion] DAO to DAO Partnership to Accelerate DeFi Education

I am reaching out to the Wonderland Community and Frog Nation seeking some feedback on a potential DAO to DAO Partnership. I represent k20 DAO, a community of nearly 100 innovative educators from across the globe with the goal of being a catalyst for innovative solutions & practices toward reimagining education, at scale. I believe our causes running parallel and a partnership would mutually benefit the goals of both organizations.

Wonderland Interests:
After reviewing current governance proposals and discussion, it appears there is great interest in the Wonderland community in supporting increased exposure or PR and education/ scholarship. Daniele has echoed this interest with a recent tweet:

Anyone expert in education / content creation available for work? Would love to build a getting started in DeFi course free for everyone to learn the basics of blockchain / self custody and DeFi

— Daniele :frog::fist: (@danielesesta) January 7, 2022

k20 DAO’s interests:

  1. Onboarding thousands of educators from around the globe into the web3 space & developing a “Web3 for Education” world certification program
  2. Funding innovative & impactful projects proposed & spearheaded by community members
  3. Nurturing collaboration & collective ideation within the community
  4. Encouraging the adoption of innovative teaching and learning practices into traditional & non-traditional schooling
  5. Supporting the founding and development of micro-schools through mentorship, partnerships, funding, professional learning, & other mechanisms.
  6. Facilitating events & programs (to be determined) to uplift educators & promote innovation

Our team is presently in communications with several large communities of educators, schools, and school districts to build out programming that will teach staff who will in turn be teaching our youth about web3 (crypto, nfts, DAOs). This is the first programming under the umbrella of the DAO, however, in the future we aim to catalyze innovation in education through:

  • Micro-grants for innovative projects for evolving education
  • Scholarships for Web3 upskilling
  • Professional Development
  • Competitions & hackathons
  • Awards & recognition
  • Mentorship
  • Business grants and mentorship with shared incentives

Proposal broad details:

k20 DAO and Wonderland will enter a partnership whereby the Wonderland/Abracadabra family of protocols are positioned front of formal education efforts of k20 DAO. Curriculum materials focused on the DeFi will feature Abracadabra/Wonderland ecosystem (Time, Spell, Sushi, Popsicle, MIM, etc.) providing exposure to educators worldwide. The real impact will be the dissemination of information from educators to learners which will happen in both formal (school settings) and bubbles of innovation as k20 DAO scales. This would not only address the desire for increased exposure, but also for empower educators to address the education gap that exists in adults and young people.

In return, Wonderland DAO would assist in bootstrapping k20 DAO treasury. This would provide critical funding to accelerate the roadmap of k20 DAO enabling broader reach in programming and by extension positively impacting more young people in more communities. Bootstrapping may come in the form of direct funding, however, we would be open to other methods of capital support.

Our public docs are limited at the moment because we are undertaking a revision cycle during q1 to finalize our whitepaper, form up working groups, and begin to get boots on the ground. I would be more than happy to share our white paper should there be an interest in moving this forward. Our social @k20dao


Could be an interesting idea. We would probably need for the whitepapers to be done first before a proper agreement could be reached should the community desire so.

People are a fan of roadmaps and details on how each milestones will be acheived since it helps them see the vision/work.


Completely understand. I will produce a version of what we have (basically its a draft after two edit cycles) ASAP, which would include a roadmap outlining q1 and q2 goals.

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