[DAO Discussion] - Distribute $Sifu Vision tokens

Now that Wonderland has Wonderland has successfully acquired $sifu Vision tokens, we can distribute them weekly in a new Wonderland FARM.

This will incentivize holding and buying WMEMO to FARM both BSGG and $Sifu tokens.

Sifu states we could distribute ~2% each week.

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I would be very much for this. The more tokens we can farm the greater the value of investing in Wonderland.

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To copy paste-ish what I said in Discord, depending on how profitable the investment is, we could take profits next quarter and put those in the farm, either 100% or a portion.

This way Wonderland gets to cover the invesment cost and distribute the rest instead of dumping the whole investment as it get unlocked.

Otherwise the protocol essentially can’t profit from the investment at all and the treasury is just taking a 25m+ loss.


I am fine with that too. For me it is not so much about the Sifu token, it is more about getting more tokens to farm period to make WL more attractive and also to show we are going forward. That does not have to happen yesterday but like you said if in a month there are spoils to divide add it to the farm.

At the moment I think it takes too long to add more to it. BSSG is nice and that Something of the ages game token I have seen nothing about yet, so I guess the Sifu token is the next runner up. Spell might be good to add too(just thinking out loud here)

I just would like to see it being built up so new people look at it and say wow, I want some of that! :grinning:


I think it would be best to claim what is vested in a quarter and put that into rev-share over weeks - due to low liquidity of $sifu - so if people wanted to liquidate it they wouldn’t face much slippage

Also this would be a little fairer to holders that aren’t farming for some reason, because during redemption they will be able to get the portion of it, if they exited.

It it possible to have a 12 month vesting period to stop rewards being dumped? I support this proposal.

As far as I know, if you put all the $sifu vision tokens in the FARM, they can be excluded from redemption. Trickle them out to holders instead of mass sell offs at redemption time.


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