[DAO Discussion] Fundraising for The Beacon, NFT Roguelike game

Hey guys, early supporter of Wonderland here. Been here since early October and I’m fond of Dani and the team.

We are basically on the seed round stage of our project, The Beacon, a procedurally generated NFT Roguelike game. We are a team of blockchain and game devs with years of experience.

We are still yet to decide on the chain we will launch in, and although we have received an offer for a round lead , we are still evaluating our options and I wonder if our project would catch the eyes of the frog nation. Let me know your thoughts!


Zeelex#7938 is my discord

This is our pitch:
The current graphics are the ones that appear on the “Graphics Assets” slide, all others are just representational


I like the idea and it does say on the Wonderland site that we aim te be in gaming so I reckon this would work out just fine. :+1:


Thanks! We believe it could be a fit as well!


Just posted a medium article to provide an update.
I made sure to include this proposal to hopefully increase the engagement :slight_smile:

I think this game has potential, it would be nice if we could be part of it!

Will also add some of your social links here to make it easier for people to find:

Website: https://thebeacon.gg/
Discord: The Beacon


Awesome NalX! Thank you!

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Seems cool enough for me…by the time the game launches the crypto market should have recovered so timing might work out well.

Loved the slideshow. how much funding are you seeking, what % of equity would Wonderland obtain?

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I’d prefer we see something for our seed investment in cross the ages before we seed any other projects. With current market conditions maybe 3rd of 4th qtr makes more sense assuming something with cross the ages has came to fruition.

I could understand the market conditions, but why wait after CTA since seed investment can take a while to result in anything?

I’m assuming your not suggesting we don’t do more than one investment at a time, so just wondering why CTA is relevant in this case ? Especially since we don’t even have a number on the table.

I’d prefer our treasury isn’t tied up during bear market so larger directional plays can be made which contributes to profit sharing or appreciation of wmemo value. Seed investments in pipeline with no value for many months do not help bring appreciated value for holders who have waited for any glimmer of hope. Now we have a TM let’s not squish the small flame that just started. Our TM now has a 9mm deficit to make up as well. Look how long ago we funded CTA and we still have not received any allocation for that investment and have no idea when we will. Maybe those submitting a proposal should put out a number because voting on something without at least a range is flying blind.


Seems cool to me…. Will y’all be making this iOS and android compatible?

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Would you consider doing a AMA?

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8 bit RNG dungeon Diablo like, I’ve been waiting for this type of game, NFT or not it’s worthy of playing!

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I really do hope that they improve the graphics, looks like a 1980’s game

Doubtful, that is the art style they are going with.

I like the graphics and the procedural idea and housing, it has the fundamentals for a nice game (multiplayer, community for people to chat and have fun in their houses), Why nobody creates a strategy game… :stuck_out_tongue:
Game looks promising and it has some features that make it unique (free to play but with no rewards (which make it more sustainable, and can attract more players!),Multiplayer and housing!)
I am in for wonderland to invest and to be able to farm its token as a reward (would love to play it myself without the need to invest)
I approve the investment!


Maybe we can create an incubation page on our site for people to submit ideas and form a council to filter them and present to the forum if deemed good?

Yes! i would love diablo like games! i think it will be a good fit to beacon but i guess its too late for that

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They recently openend a “work-with-us” section in their Discord.

Could look at that maybe.

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Hey guys this is our updated art and our take on graphics. Some of the examples in the pitch date are outdated, they’re in there to provide an idea of how the game will look and feel. We are actively developing

Regarding some of the questions:

  • The funding amount will be probably submitted on an RFC or delivered directly to the treasury manager after the initial conversations are held. Fundamentally we are seeking to fill the seed round, it would be equivalent to be 6-10% of the total token supply depending on the negotations

  • Yep we can do an AMA after the initial conversations for sure.

  • Really appreciate the support and those who are excited about the game!