[DAO Discussion] Hire 0xHyke as Chief Design Officer/ Lead Visual Designer

[DAO Discussion] Hyke for Chief Design Officer/ Lead Visual Designer

Dear Wonderland,

My name is Hyke, and I’m excited by the prospect of contributing towards your community’s mission and vision. On that account, I’m happy to apply to fit the role of Chief Design Officer / Lead Visual Designer. Over my 10+ years in the industry, I have been exposed to myriad environments and experiences that have enhanced my skillset, making me the ideal candidate for the position.

At present, I am a Senior Concept Designer at Triple, working with renowned brands such as Disney, Max Verstappen, Heineken, FC Ajax, KLM airlines, and many more.
I have experience working overseas for 4+ years as a Senior UI/UX designer at Koreaboo, South Korea. In my spare time, I maintain professional focus on conceptualising brand identities and user interface redesigns for high-class brands such as RiotGames (League of Legends), Pixar, and Twitch.

You can find key examples of brand identities and UX/UI work here: https://bit.ly/3B8HzSM
Furthermore, you can find my full portfolio website here: https://www.11yke.com/

I am committed to helping the Wonderland DAO overcome design challenges by offering my expertise and advice, following the community’s recent decision to continue down the rabbit hole by pursuing a new functional platform redesign.

I’ve thoroughly considered how my experience might best meet your organisation’s needs, and I’m pleased to share it below:

Art Direction: Providing a comprehensive understanding of what Wonderland will visually stand for; working on the long-term prospects of the brand’s identity; creating a global style to make every Wonderland user feel at home; securing for each future product core visual DNA from a design perspective ensuring a cohesive whole; developing an interactive brand-book to solidify this message.

Graphic Design: Providing key marketing output such as: social media imagery, video animations, editorial thumbnails, video thumbnails.

UX/UI Design: Designing functional interfaces for data visualisation, promotional websites; overseeing iconography and typography databases.

Motion Graphics: Animating videos for important releases, developing Lotti animations for web-designed elements.

Product Design: Creating products for Wonderland; supporting the DAO in creating necessary and solid recurring revenue to ensure a more sustainable future for all our current holders. What will our products look like? How are we going to visually promote them? All these questions will be taken care of with measurable results.

NFT Art: Bringing my skills to bear on developing our own NFT collection that will thrive through Wonderland’s Ecosystem, representing each personality within the DAO.

Example of possible redesign for the website:
Dropbox - Wonderland x Hyke - Platform design Draft 001 - Simplify your life

I have calculated my target compensation to match the average income for the role of Chief Design Officer / Lead Visual designer in the state of California, USA. Given the future workload and not yet having products in development, the following retainer is requested:

$10,000 (ten thousand dollars) equal to a yearly sum of $120,000 (one hundred twenty thousand dollars).

We share the goal of making Wonderland the world’s biggest and greatest DAO, mixing our wondrous fantasy world with real products to generate a recurring revenue stream over time allowing current holders to profit tremendously.

I would be delighted to discuss any questions or concerns
and look forward to a flourishing future partnership. Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,


I think my biggest question is why you feel a monthly retainer is needed, not a pay per project/objective (e.g. website overhaul).
I love your work, but am skeptical we have needs for a fixed graphic design position. We are a fund, not many things require an in-house graphics position.

Lots of things, like nfts, logo and such can be used for community contests, I just don’t see the need for a fixed position.


I tend to agree with Bam on this. I think the DAO would be better served if it was to pay for things on a job-by-job basis, and not a subscription. I think everyone agrees that you have great work, and based on what you’ve shown, a good vision and direction. If you are willing to renegotiate a more palatable pay structure that has the DAO doing a per-project pay scheme rather than a retainer fee, I believe you will find more traction.


You do amazing work, there is no doubt about that. However, I think I’m in agreement with the other commentors here. I’m wondering what the justification is for a full time position? I think it would be in Wonderlands best interest to continue to negotiate on a contractual basis (pay per job). So, for instance, if you have a NFT collection proposal, maybe write that up and let the DAO vote on it (or any other design related project for that matter).


I must echo the above replies on this.

While the design work is good, I see currently very little need for such a position as the UX on Wonderland is straightforward and simple (and thus relies little on UI and Design).

Likely, we can get a TFB (tender for bid) type for specific jobs such as website design, UI work, and the like. The market downturn has left many looking for work recently, and the design work itself is great advertising for such persons for their portfolio.


@11yke In speaking with the team, and community members, I think most people are impressed with your ability, and want to work with you. Its just a matter of you engaging here and opening up a dialog, and finding out what other terms may work for both you and Wonderland.


Dear DAO members,

Thank you everyone for getting back on the design lead proposal. By replying your concerns regarding a monthly retainer from the DAO. I have understood your standpoint of a per project bases, and the concerns of having a full time visual designer on board.

As Wonderland is currently thriving to look for the next steps moving forward. Products will have to be created to legitimise our recurring revenue stream. Alongside building our future digital and physical products, humanising the brand is where we will be able to reclaim our trustworthy incentives towards newly inspired wMEMO investors.

It is vital to have someone on board challenging the status quo. Making it easier for the DAO to continuously conceptualise the overall vision of our future roadmap. Guarding the visual global look and feel of Wonderland on a fulltime bases is therefor just as important as managing the financial treasury.

From my perspective this is the time for us Wonderlanders to rebuild again in new daylight.

Combining our efforts, rebuilding the infrastructure the right way.

And yes I’ve heard you. Bringing me onboard on a per project bases is a potential pathway. Here is my take on it and why I do suggested the monthly retainer. I treat my projects as my own children. In our collective early phase, higher frequency care is needed until Wonderland is more able to walk on its own. Wonderland requires a lot of design assets starting with the platform itself all the way to promoting our entity.

In order to reclaim the throne of being the biggest trustworthy DAO in the world. This earlier mentioned higher frequency care is truly needed, varying between; daily marketing assets, presentation decks for future collaboration between companies, Overall visual moderation such as; avatars, banners, intro videos, outro animations and much more is needed to continuously remain visually up to date in a decentralised fast market.

Separating all projects in different segments will eventually lead up to slower and more complicated production. With me not being able to deliver certain assets for the DAO simply because they could be labeled out of scope from the project that i’ll be working on at the time.

From the perspective of working on a per project bases. Designing daily marketing assets as well as individual product designs. Some of the assets will have to be categorised under Marketing design; which normally turn out to be sporadic and random events happening in between already existing project development roadmaps. In order to remain agile in these cases a fulltime retainer is chosen to always be able to tune in on helping the DAO visually.

I could suggest a new compensation structure. Separating the always ongoing marketing design projects from upcoming Wonderland product roadmaps. Where marketing design will remain on a monthly retainer and the upcoming products will be compensated for per design roadmap.

To me a monthly retainer will simplify the collaboration, including all visual creation in one go. I think it’s highly necessary to have someone on board who is able to immediately create the vision that we’re all dreaming for. Not to forget it is vital to guard the global visual infrastructure by creating a cohesive experience across the land of Wonders. This will drive new interest and more emotional connection to our current holders.

Quality. Trustworthy. Humanised brand. Is what will make us the biggest DAO in the long run.

And I am, all here for it.



I agree with the comments above. However, I don’t think that 10k/month is much, for an in house corporate/marketing designer. Would that include all of the work, like concept, design and production? I completely understand the coherence of the identity and the importance of your presence of all new design/marketing products. This makes sense.

Maybe a marketing plan, a list of the projects needed and a small schedule would illustrate better the needs and goals of Wonderland and your efforts/work to elaborate them … So we would understand what exactly you would provide and how it will help Wonderland to increase its image and efficiency for its future according to our common goal.


I think the biggest thing stopping me from supporting this is that Wonderland does not exactly need marketing right now, or beautiful new identity, etc. These are good to have, but not necessary at the moment.

Right now, we are facing a huge PR challenge that went unaddressed for months. The best way we can regain investors’ trust is by fixing core issues and proving to holders that we are able to turn this around and make them money. I am sure many are still waiting with bated breath to just recoup their initial investment. Spending treasury funds for a full time design lead at this juncture could, in my opinion, backfire as these are funds that could be put to yearn a yield for holders.

I support a per project basis compensation for stuff like this.


Hi Efti,

Thank you for your response. Yes, this collaboration between me and Wonderland will include everything that we want to visualise as the DAO moving forward. Most of the design items are mentioned in the original post varying between Graphic design, UX/UI Design, Motion Graphics and Product Design. Practically all necessary design required to keep the DAO visually up to date. And appealing to new investors.

I will update you on a more detailed list of action items, giving more insights.

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Hi Efti,

Here is a list of items that I would take care of:

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Book
  • Merchandise Prints: Shirts, Caps, Hoodies.
  • Legal Document: A4 format
  • Letter: A4 format
  • Enveloppes:
  • Iconography: Managing the iconographic set of Wonderland
  • Typography: Managing the Typographic set of Wonderland

For Events

  • Business Cards
  • Brochure
  • Billboards: Matching promotional graphics.
  • Conference Flags
  • Conference Flyers

UX/UI Design

  • Wonderland Platform: Defi infrastructure
  • Wonderland Landing Page: Promotional webpage (leading to onboarding)
  • Wonderland Governance Forum
  • Design Library Management: Up to date visual library per synced product.
  • Wonderland Product landing page:

Digital Design

  • Agency Deck: Internal
  • Agency Deck: External
  • Onboarding Presentation Deck:
  • Youtube Thumbnails
  • Social Headers: Updated along with eventstele
  • Social Media Post Templates: Important PR interaction
  • Email signatures
  • Event Invite Templates:
  • Newsletter: External email template
  • Newsletter: Internal email template

Motion Design

  • Intro Animations: Wonderland, Podcasts, University
  • Outro Animations: Wonderland, Podcasts, University
  • Discord Animations: Emoticons, Avatar, Banner

Product Design

  • White-paper Template
  • Agency Deck - Internal
  • Agency Deck - External

Maybe instead of all these, you could come up with a costing for the items that Wonderland needs at the moment. Stuff that the DAO can allocate a budget for at this instance.

I believe the general sentiment is that we do not need a full time graphic staff on hand and judging by the sentiment when the proposal for mod compensation was presented, I’m fairly confident the DAO will be unwilling to pay for the rates you’re asking for. Just trying to manage expectations here.


I really appreciate your replay and think that a professional corporate identity, allowing Wonderland to position itself as a strong brand and at the place it deserves, is needed - having this goal as our intention.

Just out of curiosity: You mention also some Event design elements. Would this include also conception and production of our appearance in events (like: banners, stand design, animations, etc.)? Thanks.

Hi Efti,

To be completely clear. Yes, I offer my complete skillset to wonderland on a fulltime bases once the DAO has decided to acquire me as lead designer. This does include conceptual print designs, art animations and basically anything we put our mind to on weekly design meeting bases.

I would love to work for the DAO as I see a lot of potential in the name.


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Hi Hypermassiv,

Thank you for your response! It would be helpful to know what these required items are so that I can give a proper price estimation for the first project.


I think I’ve mentioned those multiple times to you already on Workerland. At the moment, top priority is that we need a website frontend redesign to make it straightforward and easy for holders to do the necessary stuff with their tokens, which is to buy, wrap, stake, claim. This is because the website is the primary point of contact that many token holders have with the project and we have been getting almost daily questions about “where are my tokens” due to the bad UI on the current site.

UX should be so simple to understand and interact with that even a 5 year old could do it. It is apparent that many of our users are not crypto savvy. No need for other stuff like NFTs, Frog University, event, food truck, etc. Our social medias are mainly Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Medium so we don’t actually need any templates for those as well. If anything, you might want to propose a separate fee for engaging you in creating visualisations such as roadmap, why wrap and stake tokens, etc that go along with the medium posts.


It is very inspiring in deed. Thanks for your messages :pray:

Call me crazy on this but I think having a fixed design person could be a good idea. I speak from a personal experience but one of the major things that drew me to this platform in the first place is the gamey-finance world. Its a whole new thing Ive never seen before and I joined projects that looked and felt the most fun and enticing. Wonderland was one of them and tomb, another. The way I see it, having someone on board on a personal basis could potentially make wonderland more inviting and fun for all of us, having new visuals and new content to use that keeps everyone engaged.

I would suggest we maybe look at a fixed term retainers, say 3/6 months, and figure out what would be a reasonable pay that could bring reasonable ROI. We then re-valuate the outcomes after the term.


I think most people here find it difficult to understand what exactly a designer does and what it would mean for the organisation. I would suggest updating the proposal to include some if not all of these points and maybe thinking of doing a fixed term contract say 6 months… I think if you package it for 6 months we can highlight the objective so that the work can be evaluated according to some strategic outcomes later, and after 6 months we put another vote in. Looking at your passion I am sure you could become one of the key members of the organisation.


Thank you Malaise!

The video that i’ve created along side with a new platform design should be sufficient in order to make a decision. These are already products where a lot of time was spend on. It am going to write a new proposal with your guidelines suggested thank you for reaching out through this post.