[DAO Discussion] Implement ragequit promise and require redemption structure from any future managers

Wonderland has many times committed to a backing price. Currently, the backing price per wmemo is roughly 35k.

This proposal is twofold.

  1. Implement an option for all wmemo to be redeemed for ~35k, as has been promised several times. If all the votes for redemption in the last proposal were to redeem, this would lead to the treasury being reduced by roughly $50M, while remaining strong for all frogs that wish to continue.

  2. Require any future managers who take over the treasury to report monthly NAV values for the total treasury value, and to commit to at least quarterly redemptions for this value. Monthly would be ideal but quarterly should be the absolute minimum.

Ser, there is already a lot of post about the Ragequit options. I’m afraid adding one more to the conversation is not a productive as giving your feedback/suggestions on the existing ones.

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