[DAO Discussion] Improve communication + more tracking of treasure activity

I propose we have a communication team, and more updates on treasury management.

We need to hire a complete team that would update us like 2 or 3 times per week on announcements, besides creating new channels that would be like a summarize of what is going on here on the forum - the proposals, etc.

I don’t know if it’s clear for everyone, but wMemo price reflect the feeling of investors, and communication is a strong ally to give them the confidence to invest on our DAO.

This team should have this positions:

  • Mods (I think that a team of 3 + 1 senior is more than reasonable)
  • Editors (A team of 1-2 people; to improve and spread the word about our discussions here at the forum and important news)
  • Designers (A team of 1-2 people; to turn our editors work more consumable for average users through images)
  • Videomakers (A team of 1-2 people; same of designer work, but focused on videos)
  • Social media (A team of 1-2 people; hey, crypto world is on twitter. And we’re here stuck at our discord and forum, acting like hostages to some youtubers constantly trashing on us)

This people (or at least their 1-3 leaders) should have direct contact with Dani, the future TM and other key contact inside the DAO development to get more information about what is currently going on, so they can update the community.

The payment for this people is the next discussion, first we discuss our needs.

Of course, I know communication doesn’t get the job done all alone, that’s why I get to the next (brief) subject…

It is a regular discuss here and in discord that we need a new TM. But we tend to forget that Dani is currently with this position, and it was by him that we got the BSGG tokens.

He is not the person who will be with this role forever, but now it is he who is in charge of this. And we don’t need to wait our new TM guy to keep moving forward.

We can discuss seed investments here on forum, and Dani can work on our portfolio while we don’t define who will be our next TM.

1- We need a communication team (not a only-mod team, like they proposed these days)
2- We should suggest seed investments here on forum;
3- With this communication team, we need 1 to 3 people connected to Dani for more often updates on Discord.


love y’all, lets make wonderland big again

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