[DAO Discussion] Incentive structure for the development of new solutions/products

There is much discussion about "how to increase the utility and use of TIME ", also how to develop the ecosystem of products/solutions tied to wonderland, be it: games, betting platforms and other apps.

I would like to propose an incentive model that encourages the organic development of solutions/products aligned with the wonderland vision. Many layer one blockchains, one example being AVAX, have grants for a diverse array of apps that are designed to increase the value of the whole ecosystem (avax grants) .This creates a natural path where developers can aggregate themselves and submit projects to be review/approved for grants paid in TIME, this has the potential to reduce costs of development and at the same time creating integrated solutions that respect the wonderland vision.

This has the added benefit of helping demonstrate the long term vision for the ecosystem for all TIME holders.


What your suggesting already partly exists, we already have some projects requesting grants, like the liquid staking.
I don’t think it would be a bad idea to make a separate category in the forums as well as an official format for grants.
If we did implement such an idea it should work in steps, first a general approval is needed and then background checks and exact deal parameters should be voted on.
If people want we can also have smaller grants that are given out by a team we vote in instead of voting on each one which could take allot of time, and only the bigger grants get voted on.

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@Csar00 , yes, i have seen discussions in the forum, but it would be nice to have detailed categories of what types of apps the wonderland ecosystem desires, making it clear what type of app could be fit for a grant, and only review them with more detail later.

I think the idea of having a team responsible for reviewing such projects would a great solution.

Ah, you mean put up grants for specific project ideas that would be beneficial to the wonderland ecosystem.
I agree, sounds like a great idea.

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This is a great idea. Not all products need to be made in-house. There are many developers/teams that are very capable of developing utilities around the TIME token. Adding utilities around a token increases the usability, acceptance and value of such tokens.

A framework that provides a clear “Grant” mechanism along with a vetting team and then going thru the DAO proposal system would be a great funnel.

Looking forward to such a framework…