[DAO Discussion] - increase the Treasury

Buy backs are a way to devalue the Treasury and feed the incentive to cause the cascading liquidations. We need to limit buy backs unless the Treasury is over $1T.
We need to limit our damage on degen tactics. Creating a locking mechanism for wMemo in a safe spot to reduce how much get liquidated.
We need the Treasury to have a goal of returns 22% APY should be manageable.

This needs more discussion, but I would say we A.
Stake wMemo for a new coin with limited, audited, and tested partnerships.
We put a hard cap on how much 1 person can stake. Whales are good for fund raising but we don’t need them to manipulate control.
This let’s wMemo run wild but new coin should be Treasury driven.

And lastly create a degen haven and take profits from it like spell.

Treasury should only have native assets and stables. How ever much profits it can produce with drive the coin price instead of premium pricing from frogs

We should be trying to create a gmx in Sushi and work spell in after the fact


It is interesting.

Leverage has cost us a lot of money. I don’t want people who used leverage protected by buy backs.

The price will rise naturally if buy backs stop and the project does things of value.

You can’t cap how much one person can stake. You won’t need to if there are no buy backs or leverage protection mechanisms.

The project could make a lot of money with investment, VC, and airdrops from people who want to use the community to gain attention and launch their projects.

It is a pity Dani really fucked up with Sifu. Many people now want to distance themselves from Wonderland.

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