[DAO Discussion] Invest in Bad Bears

[DAO Discussion] Invest in Bad Bears


The objective is to supply meaningful startup funds for an award-winning interoperable NFT project in the right stage of release. Bad Bears is a multi series NFT collection focused on taking WEB3 to the next level. Alongside of the NFTs, the team has developed a monetizable tool that can be integrated into communities to drive engagement and improve experience for WEB2 and WEB3 communities. Currently Bad Bears is in its second stage of its four-step development plan. The new utility is not ready for release and the floor price does not accurately reflect the value of the product so information is being intentionally suppressed.

Community Interest:

It is in the communities best interest to have a well diversified treasury. Since the Cross the Ages investment, Wonderland has yet to find another quality WEB3 gaming/nft project to invest in. Bad Bears is the perfect fit to fill the gap in the portfolio that offers exposure to both the crypto space and monetization of Discord’s massive user base. Both WEB2 and WEB3 communities are being targeted with their new utility release.

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High Level Details:

The founding company behind Bad Bears, Cryptonite Group Inc. (the Company), is a Florida based software and blockchain development company focused on delivering innovative solutions to bridge the gap between WEB2 and WEB3. In the last 12 months the Company successfully launched 3 cross-functional NFT collections, curated a loyal community of over 15,000 users, and developed a tool that drives community engagement which can be used in any of the 20+ million currently active Discord servers. Currently it hosts an active, sticky community and a roadmap that includes a metaverse economy.

The Company’s most recent development is a Discord bot titled “Bear Bot” that allows server owners to craft engaging Community Experiences to ease the onboarding process, reduce churn, boost engagement and increase revenue. For NFT collections, the Bear Bot activates an off-chain passive yield and has a unique NFT pairing functionality that encourages sales and hodling of the collection.

The founding partners of the Company have a combined 60+ years of entrepreneurial experience with successful exits in the software development, cloud computing, and retail distribution spaces.

Provide Low Level Details:

The Bear Bot is currently in development and the team is in the process of building out the backend infrastructure that will allow them to roll out the bot to outside Discord servers. This stage of development will be completed in the next month and they plan to roll out the Bear Bot globally by early Q1 2023. Estimates show that breakeven will be reached by Q3 2023 with profitability being achieved by the end of 2023. They are seeking the following investment from the DAO:

Investment: $750,000 USD
Equity Position: 15%

Since a DAO Discussion is meant to introduce a proposal, not all information may be available at this stage. The discussion should be used to measure the community’s interest in what is being proposed. If the minimum requirements are met, it can be submitted as a Request for Comments.


Is this a proposal you are personally doing on your own or is it on their behalf ?

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