[DAO Discussion] Invest in $DriveS Satellite Navigation Blockchain integration App

Scope: This proposal is to offer the opportunity for Wonderland to invest in $DriveS token, which will be the backbone of the DrivSfn Ecosystem.


Promotion Deck: Pitchdeck – Google Drive

Website: https://drivesfn.com/

Whitepaper: https://drivesfn.com/whitepaper

Objective: Secure investment to further continue the work done to date on the project.

Provide a High Level Overview:

  • Approximately 30% of all Road Traffic Accident Fatalities are a result of speeding!
  • Mobile based navigation Apps are used around a billion times every month, covering 3.2 Trillion Kilometres each year in Europe alone!
  • Driving within the speed limit can significantly reduce emissions engine pollutants from vehicles…
  • DriveSfn is the World’s first Blockchain integrated Drive-and-earn Navigation based App
  • DriveSfn is primarily a Satellite Navigation App, as there is already a proven use case and demand for this type of Mobile App.

What do we do?

Give motorists an incentive to drive within the speed limit by offering rewards in exchange for doing so.

Why DriveSfn?

  • Like the most successful Move2Earn projects, we believe in using technology to bring about positive lifestyle changes.
  • This coupled with our navigation App, offers real-world utility to motorists worldwide.
  • We do not want to encourage people to drive, our aim is to make people more aware and be safer when driving.
  • With each driver we reward for safer driving, we move one step closer towards our goal of making the roads safer and the environment cleaner.

About us

  • We have already raised funds from Angel investors, which have allowed us to kick start the project, to date we already have an MVP, core team, website and legal business registration.

What’s next?

  • We are looking for potential partners and investors to join us in the further development and expansion of this project.
  • We are working on our Alpha release of the product (Q4 2022) and will launch early 2023

Provide Low Level Details:

  • If this proposal is passed, Wonderland will purchase $2M worth of $DriveS tokens from the Seed and Strategic and private rounds (prices vary).
  • These tokens will be placed locked into a vesting portal, to be vested linearly over 13/14 months, details are in the tokenomics $DriveS Tokenomics - Google Tabellen
  • This means a portion of the tokens are unlocked and made available to sell every block, evenly, over one year.

Added sustainability model per request, Aside of that you have the advertising “billboards” and we hope to onboard authorities to incentivize the users. Our aim is to make this app used by “normies” outside crypto “mass adoption”


I think my biggest concern is how profitable is this business?
What is the expected ROI from our investment into this?

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Also, I feel your app is a bit too convoluted. In your deck, it is mentioned that the app is primarily a navigation app. There’s already a lot of big established players in this field. The road safety feature feels like something added just to have a bit of differentiation but not actually a core pain point that has a high demand in the market. Also, the NFT thing feels like it was added just to tag along with the NFT trend. I’m not too sure how many road users actually care about that but if you have some statistics then would be more convincing.

Also, being a driver myself, I feel that not driving within the speed limit is not an issue that stems from a lack of incentive. There are many varied reasons for speeding, and I personally highly doubt that adding an earning type of incentive is going to change that.

Also, what are your team’s expertise and experience in this field and industry? How well do you guys know the space?

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