[DAO Discussion] Is it time for the big step?

Proposal to start expanding the team with various professionals to give the necessary support to this whole ecosystem, including wonderland. This will allow a faster development speed to keep pace with other ecosystems, a greater catchment area encouraged by future developments and a greater long-term vision of the project.

What do you think? Suggestions?

Sorry for my basic English

Its not a bad idea, but its a really generic one, care to explain a bit more? like where do you think this profesionals should be working on? which problems they should adress? do you see any problems at all? where in all the part of the ecosystem? everywhere? we only have power for wonderland, popsicle and abracadabra arent projects we can vote for changes.

I opened this topic just to open a discussion on this topic. The first that comes to mind is a figure who deals with marketing and communication for social media, so as to take away this commitment from Daniele and his team and make them concentrate on their work.

It was not easy for me to find this forum (l didn’t even know about it till I watched a YouTube video). Maybe hiring a web guy to put stuff like this forum prominently on the wonderland site. (If it is now, I apologize but I didn’t see it at first glance). I bet if there was a voting button or something like that, many more people would be in here. Also, perhaps there should be a way to make sure the person has staked in Wonderland Time because nothing asked me about that. I may could be some random Joe out there voting but I don’t even have any Time staked…

I’ll run the TIME Twitter and Instagram to increase exposure if Wonderland wants to add me to the team. Those accounts are under utilized. I am a TIME HODLer and would love to be part of the team. A podcast would be a good idea too, besides just doing AMAs. I have a recording setup. “What TIME is it?” or “Adventures in Wonderland”.

Frogs in Wonderland (: