[DAO Discussion] Mutual cooperation with Abracadabra

Wonderland holds 1,120,469 CVX tokens in its treasury.

Wonderland and Abracadabra are parts of the MIM ecosystem, but also independent protocols.

Wonderland has used its CVX tokens to help Abracadabra with a vote on magicCRV curve pool. This pool is very important for MIM/Abra ecosystem. However, CVX votes can be selling on the open market for a decent revenue.


This brings up the question about future utilization of the Wonderland treasury assets: How should wonderland use its CVX votes or other funds in its treasury?

Proposal: Future CVX bribes need to be paid in SPELL tokens from Abracadabra to Wonderland, otherwise Wonderland will not use its votes to incentivize magicCRV pool.

How should Wonderland use its treasury assets or other funds in its treasury?

  • Continue to help Abracadabra for free
  • Continue to help Abracadabra only when paid

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shouldn’t be labelled as a [WIP]

This should be called [DAO Discussion] ? Dear Modders, please feel free to make changes

Also atleast get the information correct what you state :man_facepalming:

@TaeKwonDo instead of going off topic in WIP 8, maybe talk about it here, where its on topic.


I think all votes that have economic value - you know - CVX votes. That should be voted on by DAO. Think SUPER IMPORTANT.

Just want to protect WL, and what belongs to us.

I think put WL WIP like for suspension of CVX voting until paid for previous votes?

I don’t think it is a wise position for WL to negotiate the terms of the vote that has already happened. Past is in the past.

The main idea is to protect WL from predatory attitude of Abracadabra in the future.

Not sure if that’s what you meant, but the use of the CVX was not voted on. It was done by the TM.

This would be telling the TM (and Dani in this case) what to do, but we do have that power as a DAO.

The question becomes, if these were not locked for the MIM pool, would @TheSkyHopper keep the CVX or dump it ?

Given the price movement in hindsight, I think it would be easy for me to just say I would have sold it. I would have considered the bribe rate of return as well, but even then I’m not sure.
As an aside, I have been selling both Curve and Convex into ETH with the staking rewards so far.
(So you can have a good idea probably what I’d do with Convex left to my own devices)

Honestly, I think where there might be a conflict of interest - by any position of power within this DAO who are appointees - that actions pertinent such as Convex votes in this case, should be reverted to the DAO. As the TM, for these actions, I would execute at the behest of the DAO.


We need to get you what you need to stand up to the steal.

And the title of this should be changed to:

[DAO DISCUSSION] Stop the Convex Vote Steal

No one wants to look at a title of Mutual Cooperation with Abra.


It seems your advocating for this to go to a vote and if it was voted in you would support it versus making the determination yourself. Is that correct? Per WIP #8 (if it passes) I think that would be defined as “unilateral usage of funds” if you disagree with it.

There are some loopholes on WIP8, while in principle the points you raised in theory should cover.

The main issue is:

“Use of the treasury should not be made without the Treasury Manager’s consent. If the case of a disagreement with the Treasury Manager, if no compromise can be reached, further consultation should be done with the rest of the team members (if required).”

Team members is undefined here and in WIP6, the Mods are not authorized in scope to be consulted.

Thus - by default - this would be an exercise of simply myself making the community aware of Convex votes being used towards a certain matter, as the extent of my “enforcement” as TM.

We would then simply come back to this exact topic to close this loophole. Thus we should just close it now.

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Can you take a look at SkyH [DAO Discussion]!

He saying, “DAO decide how to vote on Convex”.

Lets get rid of parasites (“aka abra”).

I think we need to decide if we want to do a merger/acquisition as a DAO first. How can we make a decision about CVX if we don’t know what we want in terms of a merger/acquisition? Not sure it’s in our best interest to burn something to the ground we plan on owning in the future…

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We need to expand your direct “team” so you have an “inner circle” to seek advice from when necessary in circumstances such as this. Going to the general DAO should be last resort, as too much dirty laundry in the air is not appealing.


no more helping abra so dani and sell his coins … he’s gonna get liquidated again on purpose and keep the mim for him self … shame


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