[DAO Discussion] - New Leadership (Harry Yeh)

Moving forward, it is clear that Daniele and his team are not interested in leading Wonderland.

Most long-term holders are hoping for a solution that rewards their loyalty. But solutions offered so far by Daniele have not done this. Liquidating treasury at backing and converting wMemo to Spell does not take into account how long holders have held. Snapshots exist on-chain with proof the majority of us have held through the attacks. Both of these options reduce our treasury, breaking it into smaller pieces, which is the strength of the project we have built.

When intentions of community do not align with founders, it means new leadership is required. I have been very proud to see all of you rally against the proposal to shut down Wonderland, which would have benefitted whales. Now, we should aim as high as possible to secure leadership. The value we bring is not just the largest treasury in DeFi, but a strong community.

Bastion trading would serve as good treasury managers, at least for an interim. But we need a new leader. Harry Yeh has reached out to Daniele on Twitter offering to help and would provide the perfect candidate. Daniele can continue on the multi-sig as a founding member, but we need new leadership. Let us move to FTM network. Rebuild. Swap tokens. Create a new shiny, brand. Re-emerge. Grow stronger.

This is a proposal to secure new leadership. There are few individuals of Daniele’s standing in DeFi other than Harry Yeh (Andre is perhaps another), so let us take this opportunity to show support.


I think Harry Yeh could be a good candidate. Not sure about moving to FTM network. We need more details. Maybe he can just use avax network if he wants to expand. Daniele is going to do an AMA tomorrow so we could ask him this question.

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Don’t need another tomb or merger. With tomb finance

just kick this fucking dani out, he robbed our money

I agree with this. Harry Yeh would be a great addition

RFC: https://dao.wonderland.money/t/bastion-detailed-proposal-for-treasury-management/

Moving treasury keys from Dani & co. to any other will the hardest part for now - nearly impossible. Please let’s try it.

FUD - Dani never said he was not interested in leading Wonderland. (In fact, he’s already stated the opposite)
FUD - converting wMEMO to SPELL hasn’t been voted in or made to be official plans, it was simply an idea/proposal that many seem to be against, so at best it would only be an option for those who want to exit (again, not a plan that’s been confirmed).

I don’t want the leader to change. Harry and/or Bastion can help out if people decide, but I don’t want them to lead. Also fwiw (for what it’s worth), Dani mentioned Harry has more experience in tradfi than defi, may not be the best fit (but also mentioned Skyhopper - who is a very strong arbitrager and non-directional trader - and Harry if working together would compliment each other with their different backgrounds).

How do we vote? Share the link that would be nice.

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