[DAO Discussion] - New Ways to Fight Liquidation Cascade

I would like to start a new discussion to find ways to stop the liquidation cascade that is happening everyday and affecting Wonderland project and unawared investors. We shall propose ideas and discuss why they would benefit the project and how it would help stop the cascade. I’m not an expert so I would love to see some big brain frogs giving some opinions on this topic since it’s pretty important. If you think it can be resolved with code, please feel free to propose your idea and I’ll add it later to this post!

The Problem

The problem we’re facing here is the price being affected by the liquidation of unexperienced investors leveraging their position hoping they get more money, but actually losing it all. When a frog is liquidated and the price drops it liquidates another frog and so on.


First of all we need to set some possible solutions to be discussed and than try to find a way to make it real. I’ll start with my proposal and I will keep adding more ideas as they are proposed.

Educational content about leverage positions
  1. Why Leveraging your Position is Dangerous
  2. How to Avoid Being Liquidated (illustrated content)
  3. another ideas when proposed

We could also discuss how much should be invested in the solutions, nothing comes free and no one wants to create a solution without getting anything in return. Wether developers or the community are going to solve the problem, we we must think of a form of remuneration. Don’t say absurd number, lets keep it realistic.

The goal to be achieved here is just to discuss this topic. I dont know if it will be ignored or not, I dont even know if the devs already has a solution, but lets try to think for ourselves a little bit.


The thing is people who barely know anything about finance, math and derivatives can freely use derivatives (lending) without being aware of consequences.
The result of the liquidation cascade is simply a mismanagement of positions by the users.
You even have to confirm that you are aware of all risks before you can borrow anything at all and yet people don’t get that they are basically in a leveraged long position and keep nothing aside to repay the debt. All that gets even more fueled by youtubers who are looping like 20 times and been spreading the idea and now they make videos about how much they regret it.

You can’t save people from themselves. The only solution I could see is to borrow Time against Memo so you can’t get liquidated.