[DAO Discussion] Potential Farm Rewards - 2nd Edition - Sifu Tokens

Hello I think we should consider adding Sifu tokens to the farm over time. Ideally this benefits everyone, I would propose that 60% of the Sifu tokens are distributed to holders directly over the next 1.5 years, while the other 40% are ultimately held by the treasury.

I suggest we do this similarly to how BSGG distributions are enacted. We start with a small base amount and increase it each month until 1.5 years is reached. At that point it can be voted on whether to distribute the remaining 40% or keep/sell it for the use of the treasury.

Looking for more interest and input.

truly yours,


Agree 100% got my vote :+1:


Hmm dunno. The tokens can be very useful for the treasury in the near future when SV products come out, like ones where Sifu token has extra utility to lend etc. So think we should hold out our big stack until we see what we can do with it.

Sounds good to me, we should be allowed to hold some of the rewards personally rather than owned fully on chain.


I think having a farm with 4 to 6 different tokens would be a good alternative to the rebases WL started out with. A farm like that would give an incentive to invest more in WL.

Now if after adding the above we can only stop with the redemptions, we can stop bleeding money and start making money.

From your mouth to defi gods ears.

I believe holding a large stack will offer the DAO benefits in the future, how far into the future though?

Perhaps we farm at least a small portion… stop the redemption and change the direction of the TVL

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I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again here. The impact of this will be a reduction in treasury value. Not necessarily a bad thing but I think we should determine more broadly as a DAO what treasury value we would like to achieve to maximize profitability. So let’s say we determine $50mm is a good number, then we adjust our rev share to achieve/sustain this market cap. Reason I suggest this is twofold: if the treasury is too small we may have a hard time attracting qualified TMs and paying people becomes a larger % of the treasury eating into yields. If the treasury is too large it eliminates a lot of farming options due to liquidity pool sizes.

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That is fair, perhaps the date to begin distributions could be postponed indefinitely until the scene is more developed.

yes, genius. We need to be able to achieve reasonably timed returns as well in order to break even. If we are able to grow successfully out of all of this, I think we will easily find qualified managers. Especially with the implementation of the TO role, over time our glass box syndrome should fade away. But otherwise yes, I agree with your point entirely, we must strategize this more thoroughly.

…I’ll be back after some Wikipedia research


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