[DAO Discussion] Potential Farm Rewards

There are many ways to generate productive returns that are reliable within the defi ecosystem. I don’t see why we should overlook any single avenue for another beyond some aspect of average cost or diminishing return or directional risk.

It is important to diversify investments that are meant to generate consistent, stable, and ideally compoundable returns. Sources of revenue should not be limited to a reliant position or size. If the stream is structured to reflect growth and productivity, then apr starts small and grows steadily over time. It should not rely on surplus to maintain return rates. Rather, like any type of staking service or defi protocol with a gov token the value distributed back to holders is derived from productive means.

Here are some potential avenues to generate consistent yield to better uphold the long term health and integrity of Wonderland’s revenue sharing service.

  • L1 POS staking participation services

  • Cyclical Arbitrage, automated bot strategies

  • Low risk yield farming with or without leverage

  • fee’s collected from service provided

  • Liquid staking

  • VC token distributions from OTC deals

  • Bribe rewards acquired easily through some incentivized bribe service

  • Liquidity preference on high volume pairs across popular dex’s , roi from lp farming

  • Pool/cloud mining


You left out liquidator bots. :wink:

But on a serious note, I think there are some things we should be doing on this list that are fairly low hanging fruit. I’d seriously like to dig into finding a dev or two that we can bounty to make various bots for us. A trade team member dedicated to bot strategy upkeep would be tits.

If we can nail a good delivery scheduled of useful bots, there’s no reason we couldn’t deploy some of them as services and take a cut.


liquidity aggregation bots? I am not sure, I think it would make the most sense for us to make our own if we can manage it unless a 3rd party option presents itself as willing to partner to some extent. I would be happy to work with others as to putting the pieces together.

we can schedule a demo as wonderland you and i? see what we can we manage eh? :slight_smile:

To be honest, we had these lined up and ready to be “donated”, but…

They are a viable option and by expensive, if you mean “require substantial software development time”, the answer is yes. If you mean can they be purchased on the secondary market as code complete, production ready bots, it’s unlikely you would get your hands on something worth the money. In this realm specifically, one must build from scratch and once built, protect it at all costs.

There is a third party option right now

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