[DAO Discussion] Remove the ability for third parties to censor opinions

[DAO Discussion] Remove the ability for third parties to censor opinions


The goal of this proposal is to remove censorship triggered by third party bias

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High Level Details:

Hey everyone, Kingmaker here. A couple of days ago, I was muted on the Wonderland Discord by a Community Member who holds no official position in the DAO. I believe the DAO should be in full control of it’s governance and ability to execute free speech. I never received a formal response from DAO members on the reason for my censorship. I did however experience hypocritical statements and blatant lies.

Provide Low Level Details:

I will provide the details of the last messages sent by me and then the response of team members.

This was my first message on the day of my censorship. It was stated that payment was delayed on Betswap side when the parties had already walked away. I found that rather peculiar as 17 hours had passed since the parties walked away, but keep in mind that I never explcitly stated this.

Here, I imply that statements given by paid DAO members are not transparent or even true as both sides have confirmed there was never any talks about “delayed payments”. Again, I do not mention any specifics of the deal.

Here, I ask if a Community Member is an elected member since they reveal information before an official announcement is made while they reply to a message that was directed towards actual team members. This is my 2nd to last message before I receive a 7 day mute. My last message was me asking why I was muted since I was unmuted for 2 minutes and then muted for 7 days again.

If we now take a look at the reasons expressed by the Communications Officer. I’ll make the community judge with their own eyes.

After seeing my messages, you can ask yourself:

Who frontran any specific statements before an official announcement? Was it me, or was it the paid Operations Officer (whose latest information was either false or misinterpreted, based on POV) together with the 3rd party negotiator?

To conclude, I believe the DAO should either control their own social media, or have any 3rd parties respect the ability to freely discuss and point out misinformation even if this information was obtained before an official announcement. If it is not possible to convince a 3rd party to uphold this, the DAO should look towards gaining full control of it’s social media.

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The above proposal exhibits valid reasoning to which this is an issue that requires attention. Based on personal opinion I feel this displays unjustified censorship and deserves to be addressed formally with action taken through the governance framework. In the event opposing views are stated within the discord, all members of said community should be entitled to free speech and therefore should not be muted for their difference in perspective.


He wasn‘t muted based on being a normal community member, but based on the fact that he is representing the protocol to which we were not prepared to give an official statement yet, in hopes that the negotiations were merely delayed.

The short after following announcement on betswap and resulting drama was exactly what was supposed to not happen. Guess betswap, even though claiming they wanted to talk to us, didn‘t really - and instead rather make announcements and claims.

No normal community member was muted.

I was muted for making a smiley emoji on their announcement, gin for saying „not cool“ - guess it goes both ways. This is as ridiculous as it is unnecessary.


I‘m sure you have prove of your claims?

You were quite aware that you were talking to the 3rd party that was appointed as negotiator on our side. For which he doesn‘t need to be elected. There was also no governance wrongdoing, as you are quite aware of. Been discussed in your own discord over the last days.

If you should have been trying to not to push and escalate the situation as you did, as somebody involved directly in the other protocol and nothing was unfixable at that point.

You have a history of doing that, hence the mute.

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How dare you have the audacity to dictate what PR announcements other protocols decide to release?

If Wonderland wanted to make a joint PR statement they could’ve reached out to the right channels. When the PR statement was released, the 3rd party negotiator had already implied that the deal would not happen. Should they be muted too?

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In what WIP was Sifu elected as a Team member?

Funnily enough, I have a history of releasing PR statements from the team. As Community Manager that is part of my job. Sorry my job description justifies a mute.

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I didn‘t dictate, I just commented that it was that ultimately started drama. Just like last time. There was plenty of time to reach out to us, at any stage of the negotiations if you had issues or problems.
Taking the time to try and not escalate everything publicly but instead address it in a direct exchange with any representative of your choice might have avoided a lot of drama.

For us it was a straight forward deal, that needed change several times, but nobody ever commented there could be issues, apart from the original pay structure.
You are now able to buy whatever amount of our tokens as you‘d like in the lp, no further negotiations or comments needed.

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And how do you know he muted you?

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Anyways, I am not going to comment any further. Just replied to make clear why you were timed out. Have a nice day

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Thanks for admitting that I got muted for something I did not do. I wonder how many people are gonna be censored moving forward.

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The hypocrisy is real… You should practice what you preach, timing me & other WL users out for 7 days in Betswap Discord for doing nothing because you have a tantrum and needed some sort of revenge is childish and pathetic behaviour.

All I said was “Not cool”, and you didnt even give me a chance to follow up. So, perhaps undo what you did, before preaching something you should also be doing.


We do not claim to be a DAO at current point in time, timing out is a discretion of mods. If you don’t like this, you can send a proposal to connect@betswap.gg.

I don’t see the hypocrisy. I don’t know who muted you, but seeing your following comments, assessing your past behaviour and your language it only confirms me in that the right decision was taken.

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Right back at you. Thank you for your time, feel free to relay any concerns about our moderators to our Comms Officer 🫡

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Given your past behaviour, I can understand now why you were muted. And I know you did it, at this point you are straight up lying and trying to save face.


I’d like to see the proof of this. Is this another WL mod throwing out blatant lies?

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The objective cannot be reached based on the current proposal.

You’re proposal is innacurate on the basis that the Discord is privately own.

This is a very broad proposal based on a very specific and personal situation.

Accusation from either side are not productive and I will close the post if this type of behavior continues.

If your issue is how the person owning the Discord is handling it, you can address it with them.

If your issue is that Wonderland DAO doesnt have its own Discord, I suggest you make a different proposal about to do so without using personal situations as the reason behind it to help with the credibility of the proposal.


But you were the one to make comments before the official WL PR, correct? It was clear he never intended to speak openly about specific details regarding the “deal” so therefore no reason to mute him. You can’t just insinuate it was a problem with BetSwap in a public space and not expect a response from the other side, taking in mind this was before any official statement was made for WL. Before the PR was made you were already pointing fingers. The only solution to this would have been a collaboration on a joint statement which provided clarity and honesty to both communities. No matter what we’re not going to see eye to eye unfortunately so I guess the best thing is to remain civil.


I will abide Nal‘s comment above yours. If anybody wants to discuss this specific matter my DMs are open.


I will make very sure to make these changes if the proposal reaches RFC.

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These are different issues than what you are addressing currently.

I would change those right away and start fresh given that the current proposal is not addressing any issues under the DAO’s power.