[DAO Discussion] - Should Wonderland increase the frequency of rebases (to avoid rebase trading)?

There’s a growing concern among the investors regarding “sidestepping”. The 8-hour rebase interval can make timing the market much easier for day traders, thus increasing volatility in price, and a siphoning of market value from holding investors.

A swing trader can purchase 3-4 hours before a rebase (at the low) and then sell immediately after at the peak. The sell off that occurs after the rebase has become predictable and these traders can purchase again at the bottom and repeat the process. By selling and buying, they can accrue TIME even faster than compound interest.

A possible solution is to increase the frequency of rebases. By doing this, the rebase reward is significantly lower thus making it riskier and/or unprofitable for traders to take advantage of the window.

The new rebase value will be lower, but it will still produce the same APY that investors are accustomed to.


  • No locks, or other manufactured punishments for these traders
  • Rewards long-term holders
  • Gives traders the freedom to continue to trade
  • Stabilizes price


  • Potential loss of trading fees that treasury gains through its LP pools

This has been proven to not be an issue as mentioned in previous discussions.

How was it proven? I would like to see data please. (and so do many others)

Before suggesting such a change. Wouldn’t the burden of proof be on your side ?

Where is the data to show that this is a problem ?
How can you demonstrate that your suggestion will prevent this ?
Is someone else doing it ?
Has it been proven to be efficient ?

As far as I know, these growing concerns come from FUD and semi-clickbait YouTube videos. There’s a lot of post trying to prevent this. This is also a subject that has been addressed by the team multiple time.