[DAO Discussion] Should Wonderland invest in LunaFi?

I have just purchased the domain wonderland.bet & will explain why at the end of this post!

LunaFi is a decentralized and peerless DeFi betting protocol which allows you to gamble, invest, and become the House enabling you to earn a share of betting profits, via app.lunafi.io.

LunaFi is focused on becoming the global clearinghouse for betting liquidity & would be able to integrate with Betswap to provide liquidity to all their markets.

Lunabets is our first Sportsbook that uses the LunaF protocol. It is non-custodial, utilizing LunaFi’s smart contracts and liquidity pools to ensure trustless payouts, meaning immediate settlement to the winning party.

Lunabets is a similar Betswap, but it is not an exchange. It is a Sportsbook & Casino.

We currently have a Pre IDO game, now live on www.lunabets.io

Deposit ETH into the smart contract Cash out before the LunaFi rocket explodes Bet in ETH, win in LFI, which can be claimed when the token is launched.

Phase 1

We incentivize adoption with a gamified IDO before launch to raise $500,000 in ETH, which is added to the ETH-LFI pairing for immediate liquidity. This liquidity is then locked. Winnings are claimable as LFI after the token generation event. There is a 0% house edge.

Phase 2

After the token generation event, deposit ETH, LFI, or ETH-LFI LP token into the smart contract & win $LFI at a discount (determined per epoch) claimable after 5 days.

How would Wonderland benefit.

  1. $LFI allocation at a discount.
  2. With Wonderland.bet, you could decide what markets would be offered & the wonderland treasury would benefit directly from the platform’s profits.
  3. Wonderland could focus on e-sports, crypto price predictions, NFT betting & more.
  4. Frogracing at Wonderland! A game where you can mint, breed, bet & race your favourite frogs.
  5. You can bet on Wonderland.bet & then hedge your bets on Betswap.
  6. The treasury can own a significant share of LunaFi’s house pool liquidity & profit.

We are a doxxed team and our investors and advisors turn over $2 BN a month in sports betting.

At this stage, I would like to open the discussion as to the appetite of Wonderland to invest & create Wonderland.bet. Thank you for reading and please learn more with the links seen below!

Explainer Video: LunaFi - "In this game, you're the favourite." - YouTube


  1. Lunafi.io
  2. Docs.lunafi.io
  3. Lunabets.io
  • Yes, I would like to see a formal proposal!
  • No, not interested for this to go further.

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We definitely need more partnership proposals. Would be interested to see what the community thinks and hear more about this.

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