[DAO Discussion] - Should Wonderland sponsor pro surfer and frog Dennis Picado @picado_dennis

How do we make this happen?

I don’t want to be a meanie, but I think we should ban people who make posts like these.

I couldn’t disagree more.

If you’re suggesting banning people who post in the General Discussion Section of the forum to evaluate whether there is sufficient community support to take an idea to Requests For Comment, you should start your own thread on that.

Any idea should be allowed. This one included. Though I’d rather see sponsorship of a Premier League club shirt or a Formula 1 car if advertising is the thinking. Not too many people watch competitive surfing.

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True exposure would be far higher but so would the costs.

I was referring more to the content of the idea.
You cannot just make random idea posts without details.
Like for example, in this case:
Who is this Dennis?
What are his accomplishments?
Why would we sponsor him?
Whats in it for us?

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Picado has been rocking the frog nation and mim badges in competition already. He’s already part of our community. The suggestion is to throw a bit more behind him and do it through the DAO and send him to the WSL.

I think the idea to advertise is a good one but I don’t think we’d get enough exposure in this case to make it worthwhile. That’s just my two cents. I’m just one frog in the pond.

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For people wondering who he is, just saw this on Twitter.

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Also this: