[DAO Discussion] Smart contract hack insurance

[DAO Discussion] - Do you want to offer smart contract hack insurance as an optional extra for investors?:

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Name: [DAO Discussion] - Smart contract hack insurance proposal

Scope: My name is Flora and I am working on a new crypto insurance business. Our concept is to sell insurance (initially for smart contract hacks) directly through dApps and protocols.

Our mission is to simplify crypto insurance for end customers and provide diverse investment opportunities for pool contributors, while providing incentives for the sites hosting our widget. All before, expanding into insurance for real-world events to democratize the world of insurance. I’d love to get your feedback on our concept and how you and the other members have found working with crypto insurers so far.

If any moderators would like to chat about the concept we’re offering £30 for a 30 minute call

PS: here is our site https://project-lime.webflow.io/

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