[DAO Discussion] TM diary on discord

Hi frens.

I’ve seen that SkyH is been posting updates on what he’s doing with the treasury on the #general, and this messages are being pinned. By the way, very good to have this feedback!

So I thought: Would be a good idea to have a channel like “#TM-diary” to be easier to catch up.

Thinking on the point of view of absent members or even new members/investors that want to know what’s going on, would be more friendly to open this channel than opening the #general and then clicking on the pinned messages - you know: more search, less people finding the info.

This channel would be on the section “down the rabbit hole”, like the #announcements channel.

What do you think?


I swear you must be a mod’s alt :sweat_smile:

We started this conversation like 2 days ago. Figured we could put the important stuff from Sky and Dani.

Would remove the need to search and go through the chitchat.


:rofl: I guess we can say I’m very aligned with you. If you guys or Wonderland think about a marketing department in the future, call me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, that’s exactly the point! Walking thru this direction for the most important matters is a good way to keep community well informed

At the same that this can prevent us from FUD


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