[DAO Discussion] Treasury Manager (TM) Rules Proposal

Treasury Manager Election Process
We must consider a proper process for a new Treasury Manager Election (a add-on to WIP15) which is particular to this role.

  1. A TM must announce a resignation at least xx Days in Advance (TBD) in the case such term is indefinite, or announce a non-intention to extend xx Days in Advance (TBD) in the case such role term is defined.

  2. In the case there is only 1 TM and such TM is resigning or discontinuing, then a TM search process much start immediately at such announcement. The Mod team will solicit for candidates via:

  3. The Discord Community

  4. Social Media eg Twitter

  5. Any other means deemed reasonable

Candidates will be asked to post their TM Proposals (Applications) as a DAO Discussion to be reviewed by the community. Mods will endeavor to make sure that all applications are announced on discord or other communication medium. The DAO Discussion for Candidates from announcement time will be 10 Calendar Days before moving to RFC.

Candidates: Must agree to Dox themselves to the lead MOD and one other visible community member (could be another MOD). Candidates should also include any social media accounts that are relevant (if anonymous, or can choose to simply post a linked-in link as well).

The RFC will have candidates as a multi-choice vote to cavass the likely probability to winning for each candidate at that point. This will be posted for 5 days before moving to a WIP. (It is likely that already on the DD period opinions are already formulated on the candidates). After 3 days of voting on an RFC, if one candidate has over 60% of the RFC votes, such candidate must dox themselves to the designated lead MOD and Community Member. In the case, there is no such majority, then the top 2 candidates in votes must Dox themselves to the lead Mod and Community Member to qualify.
This will also be a period during the RFC for any candidate to withdraw from the election for the WIP.

The WIP will be announced and 24 hours later or there-abouts, a snapshot vote will go up. Here the choices should be a multi-choice candidate format, with the last option be “None of these candidates”.

A. If “None of these Candidates” has over a 50% vote, then no TM will be chosen. And the process above will start again.
B. If one candidate has over 50% of the vote, the such candidate will be voted in as the new TM.
C. If no candidate has over 50% of the vote, and A. is not in effect, then a runoff election on Snapshot will then occur with the top 2 candidates in term of votes. The winner will be decided between the 2 candidates.

The process for a TM election process should take a minimum of:
DD 10 days + RFC 5 days + WIP 5 days = 20 Days.
And not longer than 25 Days.

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This would have prevented what happened this time around resulting in a partial slate of candidates going before the community. When the candidate(s) excluded are strong, and exclusion would be a detriment to the DAO, we should be able to make an exception and allow the candidate(s) to be added back to the group of candidates. Exclusion for any reason is a disservice to everyone.

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