DAO discussion- Unify the community keep what's good form WONDERLAND change what didn't workt before.Let's take positive points from previous proposals and merge these into a new Master Plan . Wonderland Matrix

It’s Time to get united as this is a decisive moment not only for us as community but for the history of Crypto.We took the vote back from the whales this made headline news.We continue to make history.To prove the world how an united community will make it to the top.
We need to conclude FUD made all this situation not particularly Wonderland as concept not the APY not the rebases but sudden changes and clumsiness in not anticipating the next moves of all project enemies ,the whales.
We shouldn’t allow leverage,no minting we should locked the stakes for 1 year guarantee the rebase and Apy.
We need burning mechanisms to sustain the APY and rebase . APY must be keept is what incentives the new investors to come in and take the risks.
The market naturally fix this problems if you keep being listed and visible on the main exchanges.
Whomever bought Time at 10k ,8,3,2 K is on loss now rebases are meant in future to reduce loses remember this is long time projection.Same whomever bought at 200 and below is on profit now and would be more when Time price will grow when everything calms down and everyone’s back to work and Wonderland back to business.
We need more listings for Time Wonderland why shouldn’t hope that Time Wonderland cannot be listed on Coinbase along with Spell which is already there.
These are healthy steps towards Wonderland became stronger we are we just need to grow more.
We don’t need to scrap APY and rebases yet only after 1 year or after when we’re double or triple the treasury.
We need to have burning mechanisms in place and start reducing the Apy when the supply is stable and the price relatively stable.
Is not time yet to do so. We need the incentive and we need the market to be in. Growing performance will keep the price stable along with burning ratio that needs to be implemented.
That could be achievable on Sushil swap with every swap of Wmemo,or Time.
We can’t scrap WTime yet not in loss but slowly burning it by moving that liquidity towards more profitable liquidity pools on Avax and Fantom.
Sudden changes creates FUD and chaos that made some to profit by the situation this has happened with whales vote and Professor plan.
Profit share wouldn’t benefit the small investors because always the biggest share belongs to the Whales .
We took risks and we agreed that we need to grow our Time tokens in order to trade them and this is were the real money are and benefits of being an early investor.
Remember the Bible of Crypto Chapter 1 verset 2.
Whatever grows goes down and if you don’t sell in profit don’t sell at all just HODL because everything that goes down it come up because others buying it at discounted price.
Wonderland needs small tunes and diversified strategies .
Different stakes pools on Avax directly on Wonderland along with Time .
Stakes on Fantom if you want to bridge Wmemo you can split on both your Wmemo versus time
After we achieving stability and growth,after we were audited as this is a must
We can work towards a unique token of our ecosystem and we can offer profit share and APY let the best choice to decide or a mix of both.
As well making a new calculator more realistic because people as inexperienced new investors need their peace of mind avoiding FUD .
Wonderland app needs more security measures before connect your wallet as the hackers will carry on attacking us we need extra lairs of security.
We need consensus and remember we losing Time by not acting Time is money and every proposal must speak with number first.
Declare Wonderland treasure our propriety.We could collaborate with Bastion trading or others but no one would take over the treasury and that’s fuckin established as is no negotiation or anything.
This is my proposal thank you for reading.

I agree with many of your points, like continuing APY and burning tokens. But, Wonderland is already a considerable size and must be managed by a professional team who clearly document their steps and publish these in the (yet to be created) investors section of the website. The investors cannot be asked to be involved in all decisions. That would never work and nothing would ever get done.

I am a longterm investor who got in last year, so now at a considerable loss and would like to regain that.

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Exactly I never said anything against about the restructuring the management with a professional team. I fully agree with this.
Yes we the investors we prove so far taking shite decisions.
But no you can’t fuck with the APY and rebases not suddenly .
Most retards don’t understand that we’re here for the Crypto okay . I agreed that after 1 year I’ll get my bag and fair enough.
Is trading that makes your money back and your profit.
We need burning mechanisms this had to be gradually.
As according to Professor plan 20%of profit share who the fuck would benefit from?
I mean I’m sorry I’m generally fuckin retarded and ain’t fuckin still get it
The Treasury makes 1 million a day ok? 30 days =30 mn USD 20%of that divided by 500k holders roughly is like 12 bucks each however 90% percent we hold Wmemo fractions so WTF would getting in stable coins? Looks like fuck all pennies.
If the profit goes up to 1 bn it will be 120 USD 10bn a month 1200 but is still dodgy because this is ain’t crypto is fucking Hedge fund mentality for filthy rich.
Yes is absolutely okay if yes we getting bigger and bigger but no ATM because this is what crypto made crypto high risk high returns.
If you do this sudden we’re all screwed up and many more will pull out.
They have to keep this 1 year shouldn’t change anything yet if this holds 1 year yes people will see this is a project that is here to stay and yes maybe in time can implement changes .
Is like one step at the time is that makes sense to you now?

Yes, most of it already did make sense to me. I am pleased that you agree re management.

There are several points in the Prof. plan which I don’t like, but he was the first one to make a proposal, afaik. We should be discussing this in the thread about the Prof.

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