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As much as some would welcome Sifu back, he has already opening said he isn’t interested in returning. If you would like to take part in Sifu’s own project, you can go to http://sifu.vision

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:monkey_face: :heart: omg I see, but times are different now so we could try again uwu

we should give sifu a chance… now that hes doxed he probably wouldnt want to tarnish his name and in fact help us with his skills in defi and help himself clear his name of being a bad person

Let’s move forward. Unfortunately our past with Sifu was too turbulent, and as our fren Wilson told, he now have his own project

Personaly I see that he was a really good TM. It’s a shame that we have been through all that sh**

But after all, he is often contributing on our discord and I think he still a wmemo holder, so he have vote power too (correct if I’m wrong, frens)

I see the bright side: he still is a experienced voice on our community, and for sure he will continue to help us in some ways

Sifu does NOT want to come back, and we can’t force him, so just drop this and move on.

@NalX could you close this topic, please?

:see_no_evil: hawww dare youuuuu uwu

Sorry @HairyMonkee but we’ve been down that road before

Unless Sifu makes a proposal himself or says he’d come back, no need to go down this route.