[DAO Discussion] - What is Wonderland? A Decentralised Hedge Fund


The DAO discussion which will lead to a [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal, is an opportunity for the community to determine the marketing strategy and branding of Wonderland.


Wonderland operates as a Defi Hedge Fund run by a talented team who strive to grow the funds of investors.


By branding as a “Defi Hedge Fund”, new investors will understand the benefit of high interest rates and returns previously reserved to Traditional Finance.

The treasury is the foundation of Wonderland and with its nearly $2B USD valuation it becomes a powerful tool to benefit from DeFi opportunities, acquisitions, product launches and liquidity provisioning.

Fuck the suits. #OccupyDefi.

Next steps:

Having an informal discussion about branding and adhering to the governance framework to later release the RFC and vote on the dedicated WIP.

Follow the white Rabbit


So what are you proposing ? There is already an RFC about branding.

1.st Appreciate the post

2nd: There is a difference between a hedge fund and venture capitalism. With the dao we can be something inbetween. A concise messaging on the raison d’etre would include a basic overview how funding and startups work in tradfi, where profit generally ends and how $time democratizes that process.



let’s make it the BLACKROCK OF DEFI !!! the color theme black and white is really fitting TIME WONDERLAND like blackrock !!