[DAO Discussion] Why Wonderland Should Become a Play-to-Earn Gaming Publisher

I absolutely agree with Daniele’s conviction in the crypto-gaming / play-to-earn space. Gaming delivers the perfect blend of NFT and crypto technology to a massive untapped audience that spans from leisure to esports to providing financial opportunity to individuals in the developing world. This use-case for blockchain technology should not be underestimated and such utility could eventually become a stabilizing factor for the entire crypto industry.

Although I was initially enthusiastic at the idea of the Wonderland DAO devoting its assets to the development of an RPG, I do not necessarily believe that this is the most optimal direction to take when considering the resources and time needed to develop a game and the likelihood of it competing in an accelerating market.

Instead, I believe that becoming a publisher of crypto games and receiving a portion of the revenue of each game that is published by Wonderland is a more effective way of expanding & supporting gaming in the AVAX ecosystem while also participating in and profiting off of the tsunami that crypto gaming is becoming. Unlike game developers, game publishers focus on the monetization, marketing, localization and financial longevity of games which have already been completed or are currently in development.
I have spent a lot of time researching crypto-gaming projects and discussing project horizons in their discords. Many of these games were previously being developed to enter the traditional gaming market before pivoting toward crypto as they recognized the opportunity for crowdsourcing funds and community building as well as the momentum of P2E and the inevitability of NFT adoption.
However, the main obstacles that these teams face is transitioning the game they’re building to integrate with blockchain technology and also developing unique, secure and effective tokenomics to drive their in-game economy and attract users.

One of the greatest strengths of Daniele and his team is their capacity to understand and create economic ecosystems which function in symbiosis. They already have an established network within the crypto industry and, from my perspective, creating play-to-earn tokenomics and publishing games for blockchain seems like a more suitable way to operationalize Daniele’s expertise and the Wonderland treasury.

With the hesitancy of big publishers / marketplaces like Steam and Epic games to allow crypto gaming onto their platforms, a great opportunity to fill that role exists.

Becoming a publisher which facilitates the transition between the traditional gaming space and the crypto industry through equipping game developers with blockchain integration, impressive tokenomics, an identity in the crypto industry and the frog nation already eager to play their game (and profit off of that game’s revenue) is an optimal direction for Wonderland.
This could also open up the possibility of Wonderland being a token launchpad for the games that it will publish and also developing a gaming NFT marketplace (similar to Steam) for the AVAX blockchain (or even multi-chain).

The crypto gaming space is not just an opportunity for people to play games and earn money, it is also an opportunity for humanity to experiment with an ever-expanding array of prototype economies which could provide insight into the varied and novel ways in which value can function and flow. Wonderland should be part of that innovation.

Further comment, criticism or input would be greatly appreciated.


I like the idea of becoming a publisher too. We should focus on the things we are good at, funding and marketing with our big treasury. Creating our own game from scratch is too time-consuming and too big of a risk. This sounds way better!


maybe less commit to specific game creation (hard and distraction)

more focus on platform for games, eg include $time in your game

then we onboard from network hub instead of compete w others


Yeah, I agree that this is a better approach to entering the gaming sphere.
The DAO could even have a team that scouts upcoming indie games and developers and approaches them with proposals for how their game could benefit from crypto integration.
Publishing a range of smaller, well made indie games for mobile and/or PC that are all attached to the $TIME token (like how Gala Games is doing it) would be more lucrative and long lasting.
Eventually some bigger MMO / metaverse style games could be part of that too.
Wonderland is also just such a good name for a big gaming marketplace hahaha


I also like this idea.

I’m surprise this isn’t getting more traction. People in the Discord are always talking about wen game wen rpg, gaming this gaming that. Yet barely any engagement in one of the few post that has substance.


Yeah true, everyone is always wanting answers on this haha and i also think that finding a very clear trajectory for this project will really help the price; plus if Wonderland can join the gaming/metaverse wave, it will possibly be a lot more resistant to severe bear market dips.

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I really like the idea plus the token name being called TIME would be interesting to spend on all the games integrated on the platform. I think of blizzard battle.net as basic example where TIME can be used between various games.


There’s too much of this going around. So many projects doing play to earn or also gaming. This is much harder to implement than people realise. I say keep it simple…

I feel like this is the way to get in gaming and keep it simple. We dont do the games, we publish them to give exposure and take a cut. But I agree that gaming is not a simple thing to break into.


Yeah exactly like battle.net or Steam - one place where all P2E games are available to download & install, see token & NFT price charts as well as trailers and content, leave reviews, buy and transfer assets between games and wallets, have staking / liquidity pools or any other defi products that could be implemented for gaming tokens etc… spending $TIME playing games lol the token name is too perfect :joy:


I also agree. Steam is ridiculously more profitable than any game that Valve has ever made. I think Sifu and Dani really need to have a look at this post before spending a load of money on a game studio and sports betting platform.


This idea of redefining what a gaming publisher is for the crypto space is a very interesting road to go down. Dani would be able to make some incredible defi products for NFT games and their tokens that could really enhance their economies by interacting with each other; especially if there is access to all of those games in one place.

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That is absolutely where I think a crypto gaming publisher can be an innovation to the space rather than a relic of the traditional gaming industry - aggregating financial opportunities for P2E gamers through defi products that create interaction between many separate game economies… using $TIME

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A game studio and a sports betting platform are very different animals. I am much more inclined towards the latter for profitability.