[DAO Discussion] Wonderland Improvements

1.) AMA concerns.

Suggestion: Create a slow mode 1 hr AMA chat in Discord, the host of the AMA can pull questions straight from the Discord. This improves how many questions we can get through to Dani and eliminates Twitter’s limitations after 1k have joined.

2.) Whales triggering liquidations then buying the dumps from the cascade.

Suggestion : Due to the conflict of interest with Dani & Merlin owning 30% of $SPELL and thus indirectly feeding off the wonderland frogs when liquidations occur, we should keep leverage off of Abracadabra. Buybacks should randomly occur with no announcements or turn them off entirely and let the market control the price of the token. MicroStrategy has a -20% discount on paper for BTC no one is doing buybacks on that stock. This will also allow Dani and Sifu to buy the dip with the rest of the frogs creating an incentive for them. Dani and Sifu should be able to get a deal too.

3.) Communication.

Suggestion: Dani himself has agreed the communication between the team has been poor this has contributed to a lot of trust issues. There were comments about someone who can create videos for the DAO about news and updates. I agree with this and think Degen Defi (Youtube) should control a wonderland-only youtube channel. We can compensate him if the DAO accepts. He has an unbiased opinion and will represent both parties. Dani can watch these videos to get a pulse of the community (wSifu) already watches his channel.

4. Trust, and the value of $TIME (Wmemo).

Suggestion : It’s no secret people lost faith in this project and will likely sell out when they break even. We should begin revenue share rewards as soon as possible. Once the token is a dividend-bearing asset 1/3 of the treasury backing price a year quoted by @wsifu, it will create demand for the token even above the backing price.

5. Raising Moral.

Suggestion: We have almost 1B in our treasury. The NFT market has remained hot due to mass adoption. We can pay a famous brand like Supreme or a person like Beeple or Virgil Abloh to create two NFT collections for us. The first NFT drop for the people who held during the -90% “black swan events.” So they can be “Made Whole” and compensated for the stress. The other NFT collection for everyone invested by a certain date whatever the DAO decides but this date is publicly known so people APE in.

6. Minting compromise.

Suggestion: Some people got into this project for mints and it wasn’t clear that we would turn them off. We should turn them on when $TIME is above the backing price and coins are at a 40% discount from ATH. We sell a small amount of $TIME from the treasury to the minters as opposed to creating new tokens. Once the coins from the treasury are bought up from the minters, it’s turned off. wSifu can control this feature. We should be able to get a good return off tokens like ETH when they go back up.

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