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[DAO Discussion] - Wonderland Mining Revenue Source

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Name: [DAO Discussion] - Wonderland Mining Revenue Source

Invest in Goldshell KD6 miners to create additional revenue streams for Wonderland’s treasury.

Link/Info for Goldshell KD6 Miner:


Goldshell KD6 profitability | ASIC Miner Value

Live income estimation updated every minute.

Help diversify income streams by adding adverse mining resources to our portfolio. Revenue streams will help benefit the Frog Nation.

Provide a High Level Overview:
Mining has been around for a long time now and has opened up many opportunities for generating sources of passive income. Many have the belief that it’s become “inefficient and unprofitable” within the last couple of years which is completely false if done properly. With the rapid growth of Frog Nation and the want for additional revenue sources, this could help fuel large amounts of additional revenue.

About the Miners (Goldshell KD6):
Goldshell is a reliable Cryptocurrency mining company that provides high-performance miners and application fields. They’ve released many different miners that can mine a variety of different coins. In April of 2022 they will be realeasing the Goldshell KD6 which is the newest of their miners providing a hash rate of up to 26.3 TH/s. (more numbers will be provided below)

Low level details

  • Goldshell KD6 miners mine a coin called Kadena (KDA), the “ecosystem powers real-world use cases for enterprises and entrepreneurs, providing the security of Bitcoin, virtually free gas (transaction fees), unparalleled throughput, as well as Pact – the most secure smart contract language with built-in bug detection.”
  • KDA’s project is reliable with a great management team
  • KDA’s current price is around $10 with highs of $24. Which enables room for growth by mining the coin
  • KDA Market Cap: $9,621,642,790
  • KDA Supply: 166,948,072.28

Revenue Breakdown

Price of Goldshell KD6 miner (Prices vary based on supplier and amount bought): $50,000

Price of Warehouse: $250,000 (Again rough estimate due to size and location, but a large one will not be necessary do to the amount of miners you can pack in a small place

Management mining team: ? (Wonderland mgmt would decide)

Below is a breakdown of prices if 100 Miners were bought (could be more)

February: Speak to Goldshell suppliers and meat with Wonderland Management to decide on number of miners :desktop_computer:

March: Resolve costs, locations and mining management team :man_teacher:

April: Rollout shipment of miners and begin Warehouse procedure and prep :inbox_tray:

May: Management team will start assembling devices and coolant machines within the warehouse :electric_plug:

June: Fully operational Mining Warehouse that provides revenue to the FROGS :frog: :moneybag:

Additional Clarification/Conclusion

  • This proposal does not have “100” miners set in stone. That number could be adjusted higher or lower if needed
  • Growth of revenue received from miners will grow over time due to price increases with KDA (this is assuming that KDA will continue to rise)
  • Generates passive stream of revenue for treasury and support of various projects
  • Electricity can vary per Country
  • Coolant systems may be appropriate due to the shear size of the warehouse and operation which could be an additional cost
  • Hash rate is the speed at which miners can mine

Profit sharing

I think down the road there can be many profit sharing avenues that we take with mining. Some that I’ve seen in the past are that you buy an NFT and that NFT enables you to receive a portion of the crypto that’s being mined. This could be beneficial because it could add additional revenue sources to Wonderland via NFT sales. Another approach we could take is rewarding wMemo, Memo and Time holders a specific portion. How that is decided could be up to the Dev’s such as “time staked” or “portion of ownership”. Regardless there could be many revenue reward systems put in place to benefit the Frog Nation by mining. Another factor to include is that these miners will be bought in bulk which will drastically reduce price. Meaning, the “days” till breakeven will be a lot lower as stated above. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more feedback!


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