[DAO Discussion] z0li for TM!

Hey guys, my name is Zoli, I’m from Hungary and I’m applying for the TM position.

I think WL currently have no real vision, and it feels like there is no leadership either. With this application I’m trying to solve both problems.

My vision is to bring WL to the real world. The original purpose was to became a venture capital firm for the crypto market. This didn’t really happen. So my suggestion is to cut the the treasury into two parts: crypto and real currency part. For the crypto part we could invest that in crypto projects, pools, etc., and the other part would be my vision:
First and foremost: establish a company for WL.
Second: start our own projects and start funding other startups. Just like a venture capital firm.
I already have a bunch of ideas:
Start developing mobile games: the plan would be to contract a company that develop basically anything you need (there are such companies in Hungary and I guess other countries, too). With a relatively small investment and the help of the community of WL (“went viral” effect) we could make some nice ROIs. (Like Flappy birds, it’s a hard AF game, went viral, and at some point made 50kUSD/day for the creator. I already have a space game idea, plus approx. 4-5 other, “traditional” games with a twist). (game leg)
I have 2 fintech / finance projects in my mind, the fintech will have crypto involved, and with high adoptation it could easily become a unicorn (need to patent this). The finance investment idea is a bit old school, needs high capitol at the beginning, but can get us some huge ROIs. (fintech leg)
I also have an idea that could be a big step in artificial vision (need to patent this), and another AI idea that could revolutionize the IT security industry (need to patent this). Both of these have huge growth potential. (AI leg)
With these 3 legs we have a really good chance to grow significantly in this bear market. Also the floor is open for suggestions in all 3 legs, and to “grow more legs”.

Couple pros: mods will get contracts, newly hired people can’t be anonymous, hiring process will filter the applicants. No tokens as profit but USD, EUR, JPY, etc. $wMEMO will act as a “share” of the company: basically the right to get dividends. We have to be compliant with the law, regulators can audit the company at anytime.

Cons: the investment will be illiquid for some time.

Compensation: currently I make about 1100 EUR / month, this amount is enough for everything I need. If I will work full time for WL as TM, I will need this amount as monthly payment. Also just like Skyhopper, 5% of the profits I make would be my bonus.

This is my plan in a nutshell, we could change / add / drop things from the plan. But first I’m curious what do you think: comments, suggestions are welcome.

  • Yes, move part of Wonderland to the real world
  • No, keep all of Wonderland in the crypto space only

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2 days… No “this is the stupidest idea ever”, no " YEAH do it!", nothing… What are we going to do? I don’t see Skyhopper’s application for another TM term… 25 million to Sifu, then what?

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I feel the community are waiting for better drafted up proposals to managed millions of dollars.

I feel like the community is sleeping. Otherwise they would comment something here…

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Some comments have been made in the discord about this proposal from what I feel they felt it was confusing.

You clearly have put a bit of time and effort into this post, so I’m kind of sad to see so little traction here. Anyway, I have a few questions.

What is your professional experience?

When did you first experiment with crypto?

Are you willing to doxx yourself for this position?

You mentioned you have brilliant ideas that could revolutionize various industries that you need to patent, why would you need WL to deploy them?

Going with a legitimate company is a bold idea and I personally would like to explore that possibility with WL at some point in the future - have you looked into the steps necessary to convert part of the DAO funds into legitimate business funds (specifically the legality and tax implications)?

Could you develop a bit more what your intentions would be regarding the crypto side?

What strategy would you follow in the next 12 months to either preserve our current position or turn a profit?

What is your stance on buybacks?

What is your stance on quarterly redemptions - and how would this fit into the real world component of your strategy?

How do you see yourself working with Dani and Georgiy if you were to be given the role of TM?

What’s the difference between a good TM and a great TM?

If you were TM at that time, what would you have done differently than Sifu?

If you were TM at that time, what would you have done differently than SkyH?

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I feel this is in the right direction you have my support!

could you answer isthatlowfat questions? i’m interested in it too.

I see some steps require KYC, idk if the mods will agree to it.

A couple years ago I tried to create my startup, unfortunately I couldn’t find any investor. Otherwise I have IT security experience, I also finished a data science course. Currently working at Kyndryl.

A couple years ago, with XRP.

Yes. Actually I think the TM or any leader should inform the investors continuously about their investments. Last 3 months with Skyh and before that with Sifu I didn’t really knew what’s happening. But because of the highly volatile nature of crypto it’s understandable, you don’t really have the time to post and explain when you need to act fast. This is something that I want to change. At most a monthly F2F (some kind of private live streaming solution, Zoom maybe?) with the wMEMO holders to update them about their investments. Also some blog-like thing here and on discord to update the holders what’s happening (on a daily basis if needed).

I don’t need WL to deploy them: the company that builds the product should own the patent, too. In that way it’s way easier at the exit.
I’m not sure if it clear, a little explanation: what I suggest is the IRL company would be a Venture capital firm, that invests in startups, other companies. I already have a couple ideas that we could build, so the VC firm could immediately invest in those startups. Those other companies the firm invests in hold the patents. In this way it’s way easier to manage an exit, also a company with a product AND a patent is WAY more attractive to other VC firms / investors.

Well, it’s basically a group of people put together some funds to create a company. Also, you can put basically anything in your company. You alredy have a car or apartment, at the creation of the company you can list them as company property. Same with intellectual properties, like patents, and digital goods like bitcoin. In Hungary you can even list your expertise as company property with a value.
I never heard about any tax at the creation of a company (or at seed investment).

I don’t have too much experience (like Sifu or Skyh), and I’m not a big fan of this really fast paced trading, so if I must decide I would wait a couple more weeks / a month, hoping bitcoin and ethereum will fall a bit more, then invest in them for long term (at least a year).
OR I would ask somebody who is way smarter than me (Sifu) what he would do.

Well the first 12 month would look like I find the right people, then we work on the projects until we build something exceptional. Then hopefully we either make profit or exit those projects.
(I’m not sure if you know what “exit” in VC slang means, do you want me to explain?)

Not a fan. Not when real companies does it, not when WL does it. It distorts the price, I think it’s interfere with the concept of “free market”. Although if wMEMO will act as a share in the VC firm, I would prefer to have the least amount possible on the market, so I probably would do some buybacks.

I already said it on the other thread: for me it looks like we didn’t make any profit during the last 3 months, so redemption would mean we pay out the capital we have. Instead my suggestion was put the capital to work and pay dividend from the profits. So I would stop quarterly redemptions, but this is DAO, so the community will decide this.

I don’t know, I never met either of them, I never talked either of them. But I can easily adopt to new situations, so I don’t think it would be a problem. Also there is a possibility that Dani will leave WL, which I think wouldn’t be bad: it really feels like he already abandoned WL.

A good TM makes profit, a great TM have a vision and a drive to make that vision real (and make a huge amount of money as a side effect).

A leader needs to be transparent, I think it would have made a big difference if Sifu would do some kind of live stream, explain his side of the story, answering questions. For me and for lots of others he was just a nickname, some tweets, and you could barely find any pictures of him. And you know bad news goes around the world 3 times before good news able to get out of bed. I think he would have been able to turn the situation around and stay as TM.

The point of this application is to take out WL from the crypto space to the real world, so basically everything. But what I really missed is the transparency (as I mentioned earlier).

@Zhiv Lot of questions, took a lot of time to answer them, but here they are.


Dude, these are some f*ing awesome questions! What’s your IRL job? Are you a mod here or on discord?

I could imagine you as a liaison between the TM and the community. Filter the questions and adding yours, so the TM can answer everything during the F2F. Like a good journalist, keep the TM on his toes.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I appreciate that your answers were candid and direct - I feel they will give the community a better understanding of who you are, while also letting you make a case for yourself.

I think it would be a challenge to convince a large segment of the community to hand over the full treasury management responsibilities for this project to anyone without a strong trading or financial/asset management background. That being said, I do believe you have many good ideas and my gut feeling tells me you would be open to learning the ropes.

I think a decent case could be made for your candidacy for the role of Treasury Operator; which is outlined in the DAO Discussion setup by @MattMacGyver

It’s long, but worth the read.

This could potentially act as a pathway towards the full time TM position at WL while giving you a chance to explore the role in a safe environment; as there would be a second TO appointed in addition to trading teams who would work with you.

I definitely think this is the right starting point for those who are interested in contributing at this level and doubles as a way to invest in our members. Another stream of added-value that this brings is that it starts Wonderland on a path towards self-sufficiency. With this program in full swing, Wonderland not only keeps the lights on in situations without a fully empowered TM, it allows those in the community to drive the investments forward without the need for external candidates to ‘rescue’ the protocol.

Maybe one day, as we start to gain a depth of talented resources and an evolution of our collective proficiency, we explore bold, new, inclusive ways to delegate authority and responsibilities to a variety of individuals within the community. Imagine the potential behind having a pool of qualified and committed resources who not only have had the opportunity to develop these skillsets within the parameters of the protocol, but also earned the trust of their peers in the community, and have a visible track record of their trading performance/decision making? Now we’d be a force to be reckoned with.

Anyway - sorry for the rambling thoughts.

I’m glad that you appreciated them. I’ve worked management roles in well known tech firms for the better part of the last 12 years; IT Outsourcing first, Video Game industry second. So many of the questions I asked are small adaptations of how I’d interview candidates for my department.


Alright, I took way too much time to comment on this, but @isthatlowfat low fat did a good job clearing out missing parts.

I will say however, what you are saying/asking are different than what you are proposing. Or at least, you are addressing two very different things.

  1. Having you as Treasury Manager
  2. Moving Wonderland away from crypto.

The first point is fairly simple in execution, but the second one is fairly more complex and requires a lot more discussions for the DAO to have.

Unfortunetaly, I don’t believe Wonderland is anywhere near ready to tackle the second point and a lot of people will have concerns with the lack of financial background.

The proposal from @MattMacGyver linked in the comment above could be interesting for you to get involved. Although, this may not be suitable to replace a fulltime job.

That being said, would you want still to be TM if Wonderland does not want to move away from crypto ?

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VC funds does not trade and does not manage any assets. They are investing in startups. Those startups usually come up with some technical product or application. I think a VC fund manager should have a strong engineering / technical background so the VC would not invest in scams like the Morus Zero or Hyperloop or Solar roadways.



See above.

Well, I have very different vision about WL’s future, so I don’t think so. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Funny thing how the “lambo wen” guys doesn’t see this as an opportunity… Google, Apple, Tesla, Prezi (Hungarian!), all of them were strartups. All of them started when a VC fund manager said "It sounds like a really good idea, let me put some seed money in your not-yet-existing company… Ok, now I stop rambling. :upside_down_face:)


I figure the next logical steps here for you would be to:

  • Put down on paper the structure of the team you need to succeed in this venture.
  • Get an approximate budget that the DAO would need to approve in order to pay for everything you want to do. (Ideally you want to break this down by line item - include an estimate for the consulting fees with different entities like legal, HR, etc)
  • Present this package to the DAO (maybe hold an AMA in discord so that you can answer community questions in a live format).
  • Adjust the details based on the feedback you receive and present the final copy in your RFC.
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Well, it was a lot of searching, but here it is:

In general software: development cost 50-250k USD / project, patent cost 20k (everything included), hardware cost depends on what we need (or rent the computing capacity we need).

So here is a rough cost plan:

Project 1, WL finance:
establish a company, getting the needed licenses, set up office, hire people: at least 10 million USD. The regulatory requirements are different in each country, but all of them have a minimal capitol that needed, that’s why the high cost of this project.
The 2nd option for this to buy an already established company with all the needed licenses, office, etc. It would cost about the same, but the time we could start the business would be way shorter. (I found one for sale for 15 million USD).
Income: mostly from interests and fees.

Project 2, WL fintech:
Patent 20k
Software development: because the project is in the payment card industry, we probably need some senior programmer with knowledge about the field, so I would put the cost to 250k USD, and about 3 months to finish.
Marketing cost: could be infinite, if we do what PayPal did and give 10-20 dollars to every new customer, it could go up to 10-20 million dollars. So for a start I would say 1 million USD, and we will decide about more later.
Income: fees.

Project 3, WL games:
Space game: “classic” single player game, development cost 250k (programming, graphics design, track building, storyline / game design), around 3 months. Marketing: 500k USD for start.
Income: in-game purchases, free version with ads and payed version without ads.

Other games: I have 6 more multiplayer game ideas: there are different ways to roll them out, either our own website / servers (high cost, high revenue), or by joining a franchise (lower cost, lower profits).
Simple games, so the development would cost 50k USD / game, server costs around 100-200 USD / month, but it could go up with higher traffic. So I would put 10k USD for the first year. Marketing: I would put 2 million USD for start for all 6 games.
Income: fees.

Project 4, AI security:
Patent 20k
Development: needs some senior programmer, so 250-500k, and 3-6 months.
Hardware: either buy (30-100k, depends on the configuration) or rent 2k-10k / month. So I would say 50k USD.
Marketing cost: zero, the tech itself will do the marketing.
Income: bounties, but the end goal is to sell the company, that’s where the real profit is.

Project 5, WL artificial vision:
Patent: 20k
Development: also needs some senior programmer, so 250-500k, and 3-6 months.
Hardware: if we decide to buy, then we can use the other project’s hardware, otherwise rent 2k-10k / month (24k-120k USD/ year).
Marketing cost: zero, the tech itself will do the marketing.
Income: licensing the technology to self driving car manufacturers, but but the end goal here also to sell the company.

@isthatlowfat this cost planning thing is not really my expertise, did I miss something?

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