[DAO] Governance Framework

Wonderland Governance Framework

Wonderland aims to empower the community with tools and guidance in order to craft proposals and take decisions on specific subjects.

In order to create concise, clear and unambiguous proposals, a framework was created to engage the community and accelerate the road from discussions to active governance proposals.

The team wants to create a consistent and controlled path towards improving Wonderland. Therefore, we focus to prevent hastily prepared, low quality features which do not fit in the roadmap of Wonderland.

Due to the token distribution, all stakeholders have the opportunity to voice their opinion and direct Wonderland through governance proposals. The team does not own the majority votes and relies on the community to push the protocol forward.

Wonderland Governance Forum

Wonderland is using a Discourse forum to set the foundation of our governance. Community members must register for an account before sharing or liking posts.

The forum is structured in three main categories. Each category has a pinned post which explains the purpose of the section and how to use it.

  1. General Discussion
  2. [RFC] Request For Comment
  3. [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal

1. General Discussion:

Every proposal starts as a discussion in the General Discussion Section. The purpose of this section is to determine if the community and DAO members have sufficient will to make changes to the current protocol in regards to a topic or idea. With a [DAO Discussion], we want to determine interest and community support towards an idea.

If the discussion suggests support, the second step of the Wonderland Governance Process takes place, — Posting an [RFC] Request for Comment

2. [RFC] Request for Comment

Once a productive discussion has formed around an idea, it’s time to create an [RFC] Request for Comment thread. The purpose of this section is to establish formal discussion around an idea and build a proposal according to a pre-defined layout. The [RFC] is a living document, a work in progress and does not necessarily have to be fully completed from the beginning. It can evolve into a full proposal throughout a productive discussion. When starting a new topic in the Request For Comment category a pre-defined layout is shown to the user to keep the RFC uniform.

Once the community has matured the RFC into a proposal, the third and final step of the Wonderland Governance Process takes place, — Posting a [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal

3. [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal

An [RFC] Request for Comment thread which has been finalized, will be submitted to the Wonderland Improvement Proposal category and renamed to “[WIP #X] Title of the Proposal” by one of our forum moderators once reviewed.

The community needs to have enough time to research and discuss the WIP, before it can vote on the subject. That is why a minimum duration of at least 4 days is recommended before the official Snapshot Vote goes live.

Since launching a snapshot vote requires at least 100 TIME/MEMO, it does not always need to be posted by the original WIP author, it can be posted by someone else or by the founders, in case the minimum threshold of TIME / MEMO can not be met.

Once the Snapshot Vote is live, the community has 7 days to cast their votes. After the vote has ended, the decision is recorded and the Wonderland team will work towards implementing the proposal.

Link to the Governance Tutorial:
[DAO] Governance Tutorial

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