DAO voting

Surely something so simple as amount of time held, X days held/by number of days dao has ran for could simply sort out the voting power, to enable the long standing frogs to be equal ish

You think its simple, but it’s not that simple.

What happen when you buy more, how do you make the difference between the new and old TIME ? Or do you ?

If you don’t, what prevents someone from just kepping 0.1 TIME in their wallet and swing trade around without loosing voting power when they buyback ?

A higher limit ? Then small frogs cant vote, but whales could.

What if you sell some after you bought some ? Did you sell the old or the new TIME ?

What if you switch wallet? You restart the clock ?

There might be other issues, but that’s some I could think of. IMO the simplest way would be quadratic voting. It’s not perfect, but it would tip the scale a little.

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Now that you point out the technical side of it, I see the problems, quadratic it is…


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