Dedicated RPC proposal / what your feedback

I would love to know the feedback from the team and community if Wonderland is seeking dedicated RPC nodes for Avalanche, Ethereum, Fantom.

As a part of validator infra team I am looking for new partners who are looking for scalability and 24/7 support from RPC provider. I am not sure this is the service Wonderland is currently looking for and if you already use dedicated RPC, but I would love to know more and share my proposal below.

My RPC team already supports such projects as Lido, Chainlink, Pyth, Wormhole, Neon EVM etc. Expertise in RPC nodes

As a world-leading staking provider, securing over $1.5 billion in staked assets from more than 25,000 delegators we operate on 25+ top PoS networks, having received huge expertise and having built a strong DevOps team.
Now we can offer reliable, scalable, dedicated RPC nodes that we can deploy to your needs in any volume within two weeks after the specifications are clarified.

Focus on first-class service

Many companies, like us, offer high-end RPC nodes, so P2P goes further and our goal is to provide our clients with the best and fastest service on the market.

P2P offers

  • ● 24/7 support with 1 day SLA
  • ● Personal manager, SLA response 1 day
  • ● Calculation of a commercial offer for 1 day
  • ● Ability to prepare nodes for your specific set of networks
  • ● Transparent pricing

The average price for a dedicated RPC node depends on the network that you need
Eth - from 1000 USD/month
Avax - from 1000 USD/month
Ftm - from 2000 USD/month

p2p offers quite a range of services, but avax support is not listed on the site. How would Wonderland benefit utilizing RPC gateways from a 3rd party as opposed to a more native approach to scaling any type of network layering?

perhaps a separate subnet design could be a point of mutual interest, I am not sure if this is something Wonderland prioritizes at the moment

hey, we do not currently support avax as validator but we run rpc nodes for avax.
I believe Wonderland already works with some 3d party rpc node providers, but I guess there are no high sla standards with uptime and customer support. We make focus on this things first as we actually found out that there is a huge request for this things on the market

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