Delete the forum

I propose to delete this forum.

We have seen 5 WIPs, 4 of these WIPs have not been RFCs or Discussions. 1 of these is vaguely related to an RFC (rage quit).

So far 0 WIPs have made a serious effort to include community feedback.

There have been 850 topics and 33.9k posts.

So, while this may be the most active forum in crypto, it is also the least productive forum in crypto.

Our WIP-per-post score is: 1/33900= 0.00026

Let’s compare some other DAO’s

Bancor: 150/8500= 0.018
Ohm: 83/7500= 0.011
Curve: 142/6000= 0.024

On average this forum is about 100x less effective to influence our protocol then other DAO’s.

So please lets protect us against ourselves and delete this forum so we do not waste more time here.

EDIT: Thank for locking this topic. Thats a step in the good direction! Lets lock all other topics as well, so the forum can be safely deleted.

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Alternatively, keep the forum, but delete all users except Dani.

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Good idea. Will start by closing this post.