Diamond Hands Locked Staking of wMEMO for higher APY

Allow staking of wMEMO on the Wonderland site for a higher APY. The catch is you have to be willing to lock your wMEMO up for a period of time (perhaps a year). This would decrease the sell pressure of TIME and reward frogs who planned on being long-term holders. It also gives those who might use their wMEMO as collateral to buy more TIME another option, further reducing cascading liquidations. Lastly how about we keep with the Wonderland theme and call the staking “rabbit hole staking” or something in a similar vein?

As a bonus staking down the “:rabbit2: hole” could also make a staker’s wallet eligible for Wonderland themed NFTs to represent those of us with diamond hands!

Credit should be given to Jack47. I decided to create a new post taking his idea further. My hope is that changing his terminology and further developing his idea would spark a broader discussion and draw more attention.

Here’s his original post:

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