Directing the Treasury to ethical projects like cricket or honey farming

Hi good evening, I’m a first time poster but I am keen to share my idea so here we go.

Yesterday in the evening I thought that investing some of the treasury funds into a cricket farm or a honey farm would be a good idea.

Crickets are the food of the future and any serious business was profitable in it so far, especially in Asia and Central America; and quality honey is becoming more and more a rarity because of the bees’ slow but sure extinction. Even if these would not be the most profitable investments the DAO will ever make, this would bring good free publicity in the press; a new influx of ethical members (who would stay longer than the trade swingers); also the tokens would attract the meme-fans (imagine a bumblebee or a mantis token being part of Frog empire).

A business plan; sustainability and profitability could follow if anyone’s up for some brainstorming.

Feel free to add your critique/carry on the discussion, thanks for any input!