Discord Changes to Benefit the Community

I think Wonderland should consider the revaluation of their Discord. I think there should be a real structure to the managing of our discord to limit fud and create a welcoming community. Below are a couple of thought on the restructure of our current discord:

1.) Establish “Wonderland Book Keepers” that will be in charge of answering simple questions such as how wMemo works, airdrops and more

2.) Limit the Fud police’s power. There should be 5 that can actually time people out, while others are in charge of privately DM’ing members that seem to be actively spreading fud. This will help limit Fud while also not creating enemies within the discord. The truth is the more people you just timeout whenever you want the more angry fudsters you’re gonna get coming back to create havoc. Timing people out whenever you want without an explanation is shooting your own community in the foot.

3.) Have fun level ups within the discord. For instance, time spent in the discord, time since joined, and interactions will give you a higher level. Higher levels = fun opportunities like rewards of wMemo or other special events. I think this would help create an overall positive community by creating incentives of helping others and being kind. (Of course you can still keep a chat for spewing bullshit per usual, cmon that’s the foundation of any discord)

I think a level up system helps people think twice about their posts because it could effect their level and limit them to certain games and chats. It’ll help simmer down fud and bring the community together!


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lol, why did you remove the post ? are you not concerned about how the discord is run anymore ?

hahaha apologies I added a person in there and felt bad for targeting them but I updated it to reflect my thoughts. I think changes with discord management could he very helpful for the community

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Those people usually hang out in support chat or how does wonderland work. The issue is not so much with the people, but rather the documentation. Clear documentation on how things work would get everyone on the same page and reduce confusion. Hopefully, the news docs will be out soon.

One thing I will say is that muting is pretty much one of the only things FUD Fighters can do. As for DMing. We encourage everyone to close their DMs and a lot of people have in the names they will not DM anyone because 95% (maybe more) of DMs are form scammers.

So that one I would not want to encourage to limit the number of scam victims.

I’ve seen some discord with a level up system. Those that I’ve seen in fun the first day, but then are generally useless and get boring quick. Could be an idea tho.

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