Disolve the project and return money to the FROGS

With the recent sh!tshow happening, I’m sure many frogs have lost a ton of money. The basis of this entire project has always been that participants trust and cooperate with each other within the framework. However, we had a bad actor(aka your CFO) which completely broke the trust and the entire project. You don’t hire a child molester to be a pre-school teacher do you? I am proposing for Dani to dissolve the project, think through a proper project. Meanwhile, use whatever’s left in the treasury and return it back to the frogs, based on the TIME/wMEMO holdings.

I am also proposing that people who got liquidated due to leverage should not be compensated. We played the game properly yet we got unfairly punished. If we bail these people out, what kind of message are we sending across? I’m sorry Dani but I cannot sit back and watch my fellow frogs get punished because of a few bad apples, while those bad apples get compensated. This is unacceptable.

This proposal made by knightz23 is great, but we shoudn’t give anything to people, that don’t hold wMemo/TIME as of right now.

Part of the treasury should be available for collection after handing it over in wMemo.


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