Do business offline Mine BTC, I know how to do this

Hello everyone!

I do believe, that we need to start do our business offline.
What i mean is to creat WONDERLAND MINING POOL of BTC.

How so/Plan:

  1. Buy mining machines(Chine, or any place where it is possible(price/quality),

  2. Install them in several countries, where electricity cost less on the planet(Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Argentina etc),

  3. Mine BTC for our Wonderful Wonderland Community.

I do believe that our DAO can make really good profits in this path.

PLEASE, Write your thought’s and worry’s

P.S. (i can be doxed, any time, for reasons of trust)

About myself:

My name is Yury, my English is not so perfect, but i have tried my best to beshare my idea.

I working for Jewish community in Russia, also do logistics from China to Russia, Kazakhstan.

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