Do we need focus and priority?

Greetings from love and light, frog nation!

I’ve been watching the price drop considerably these last few days, even the general crypto market at times gave a succinct bullish move, WL couldn’t keep up.

Was this because of the RQ? I don’t know, maybe someone with more knowledge than me about this process could talk better about the cause of this drop.

In my honest opinion, this demonstrates how much we still need to improve, and that’s ok, but I believe we need more focus, better, I believe we need to better use the great potential of our community in a more targeted way and also select some priorities .

For example:

Solving the issue of a new TM should be more advanced, or even completed, I know it’s not an easy task, but there are times when we need to overcome some stones that fall on the way faster, so that it doesn’t become a huge mountain and get much more difficult afterwards.

The fact that we are not aligned today is because it lacks a little more focus and priority in my opinion, we have an amazing community that went through RQ and is still here, people still believe in WL as I do.

Another priority is people.

People who do everything, believe, participate, invest, resist, help…

Don’t these people deserve to be more reassured about their financial future?

Would the FUD decrease?

This priority is closely linked to the first and both make WL go forward.

I’m super in favor of paying for mods, I believe that at times like these they could help a lot, clarifying some things.

But first of all, we need to have a new TM, so that WL finances get back to the level they deserve, in heights, making the frogs of our nation happy and with that, the frogs will be more happy to pay for the mods.

Good is it!

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