DOX all management involved in Wonderland

The only way Wonderland has a chance of moving forward and recovering is that we require all current and future Wonderland management to be doxxed and if they refuse they can submit their resignation and part ways. The days of Billion dollar funds being managed by anonymous people should be over. This includes OxWicked, Merlin and whoever else is on Dani’s team. This will go a long way to restore faith in the project and actually give us a fighting chance to accomplish all the wonderful things we set out to do. Think about it. No blue chip successful project is undoxxed. Do we want to be another crypto project the went down in fiery ball of flames or the one that corrected course and rose like a phoenix from the ashes?


This needs to happen if we have any hope of righting the ship.

100% right. It would be the greatest comeback story in the history of crypto if we can get this right.

100% that needs to happen sooner rather than later. DOX the whole management team.

100% Agree. DOX yourself or go somewhere else.

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