Doxx "The Professor" or no collaboration

A very straightforward proposal.
As the title indicates, I strongly suggest, that the “Professor” (and all future potential collaborators) are doxxed/revealed to all Wonderland Investors, before any kind of collaboration can be voted.

One word: Sfugate.
We don’t want this catastrophe to happen again.
We can’t blindly trust what people claim in “Medium” blog posts.
As a precaution, we need evidence to back up claims.
As a precaution, we need to ID new collaborators.
Who knows, The Professor could be Sifu. Sifu means “Professor” in Chinese.

ID The Professor before any collaboration.


I’m with you on this. Everyone should be fully doxxed if they are handling our money.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Doxxing to the WHOLE community should not be required. It could be dangerous for the person given the size of this community whether they do something bad or not.

Third party doxxing is the way to go imo.
That way we can still take precautions to avoid another SifuGate.

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