Ease of purchase

A lot of talk about marketing,
I’m new to crypto and from Canada had to go through about 6 different brokers before I even found one that let me spend my money, I actually had to watch a fifteen minute YouTube video to figure out how to purchase my $TIME. I think if your new to crypto and you see an ad for wonderland on Facebook your not going to know how to buy in, the current process is fairly intense, I think people comfortable with the current purchasing system have at least some experience in crypto, but if you want to get new investors from Facebook you should consider making purchasing $TIME less then a twelve step process.

I seen a post on here from a guy who was asking to move the price to the calculator page to save time on a single click. (not a knock just a point)

I was under the impression we were investing in Daniele Sesta, and his next idea, until I see I a product and a means for your average person like my self to make a purchase, I have no idea what you plan to market other then a tutorial video on how to buy in.
I am new to crypto, your regular dumb person from Facebook and this is my opinion.


Ease of purchase is definitely an issue for “retail” costumers. I wish it was easier too. Anything that requires using a DEX is like level 2 crypto buyers lol…

That being said, unless we get listed on one of the major exchanges, it’s not that simple to fix.

The main issue with the “Marketing” right now is not to get Facebook ads. It’s to get a consistent brand image, mission statement and a clear vision. These are basics things that can’t even be found in our documents right now.

Most people can’t explain properly what Wonderland is, and those that do can’t even redirect people to an official documentation. We shouldn’t have to research Daniele to research Wonderland. That is one of the main push for the “marketing” aspect.

Once that is done, than we can get the “retail” folks faster.


I’m not in Canada so I don’t know their regs, but for me it was as easy as:
Coinbase → buy AVAX → send AVAX to Metamask → trade AVAX for TIME on Traderjoe.
Part of the allure to Defi is the feeling like you’re getting in closer to the ground floor. Once the flood gates open people start to feel like they missed the boat.

Also, I feel like from Dani’s comments, he is looking to build his own ecosystem, adding in Sushi as our Dex. I don’t think he is looking to sell out to suits just yet to get a broader exposure.

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Finding NDAX seems like the hardest part of it to me now, I have purchased $TIME twice. It’s just like
you said, but for a first timer come on that shit is crazy.
I’ll have to go find out what a Dex is and what a Sushi does.

Canadian part of it.
From what I read because this happened to me at Coinbase, the government of Canada and the Banks of Canada, have made the use of credit cards to buy crypto nearly impossible. Kucoin didn’t even have Canada down as country in the selection box, wealthsimple sells coins on a contract, you don’t own them you can’t put them in your wallet, spent 1500$ there before I found out.
Just a hard time all around. I have some other apps with pending verification that I never even used, because NDAX was taking my money the same day I made the account.

I Agree with Mr Still I recently staked $TIME, not knowing much and watching a few videos on how to do it, i felt like it was successful, until it came to withdrawing, it shows on Snowtrace that my transaction was successful, but when i go on to Wonderland to try unstake it shows i have no $TIME OR $MEMO$ tokens, I am frustrated because there isn’t any form of support regarding situations like this, when i log into metamask it shwos that i have the $TIME in there but the symbol looks like an hourglass not what it looks like on almost all the videos. I just hope there will be someone that can help me unstake my investment

Make sure that your TREZOE Hard Wallet installed on your
Metamask ( not just for your TIME , but for all your Crypto Holdings in any Wallet . I read all the time how wallets have been “cleaned” . Many of the Chrome Extensions enable hackers to access your MetaMask and withdrawal and empty your Metamask .