Educational Videos to Earn AVAX and TIME

One of the reasons I’ve stuck with Coinbase as long as I have is because they give me the opportunity to earn crypto for taking small quizzes and interacting with the project. I’ve earned probably $70 in free crypto so far just by learning about crypto projects that I’ve gone on to invest in.

I think something similar could be done for Wonderland and the whole AVAX ecosystem. Earning small amounts ($3-5) for taking a couple minutes to learn about the new projects that are coming down the pike as well as plugging projects like TIME would help motivate those people to stake that money. The money given out should immediately be returned to the treasury directly, or invested in new projects once they are exchanged for other tokens (which would earn a fee for the treasury).

I’d recommend running this through the marketing budget (once that’s established). As a side benefit, it would allow you to work on better SEO if you could see what subjects do best with participants. I like what Daniele, Sifu, and the team are doing with world building. I think making it easier to on-ramp people by giving them small amounts of AVAX to help facilitate trading on JOE and SUSHI would directly benefit the entire AVAX universe.

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