Emergency Wonderland Operational Budget Allocation

Hi everyone,

It seems we, as a DAO, have been letting Alice pay out of pocket for Discord Server related expenses. The purpose of this proposal is simply to right this wrong independently of the ongoing debate on Mod Compensation.

In order to correct this quickly and provide some financial relief, I propose that we allocate 5000 MIM into a fund accessible by Alice and Time Cops. I would recommend we protect the fund via multi-sig between Alice, and maybe 2 other mods of her choosing.

In Discord, it was mentioned that the expenses have been around 150$ USD since she started paying for things herself. This could also serve as a small discretionary fund for basic expenses related to supporting the community without needing to ask again each time.

I felt a separate topic was necessary to segregate operational expenses from labor expenses. This should ensure no one from WL has to pay out of pocket for tooling used to support the community.

Lastly, a short recommendation here would be to follow some basic accounting practices - perhaps a Discord channel could be created where the mods who need to pay these expenses can simply share details about the transaction they will be performing.

Let me know what you think.


Well I hope dani read this too and make it happen. Because if not, then effort this small will also not be achievable :yawning_face:


Please consider editing your proposal as follows:

  1. Summarize it all in a single statement and add this statement to the main topic
  2. Add a vote to vote on a single statement
  3. Clean up the mess in the text of your proposal
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You’re totally right. I rushed this one out. I’ll structure it properly.

Thanks for the constructive criticism and holding me accountable. This is how we can improve.

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