End rebases, burn time, stop buybacks, remove leveraging, revenue share, sell tax, new website UI, remove sifu

Instead of running away from what caused the protocol to grow insanely fast, let just fix it.

End rebases: Stops inflation, capping token
Burn Time/Memo: More rare, price goes up
Stop buybacks: Preserve treasury, stop whales
Remove leverage: No more cascades
Revenue share: Gives direct profit to holders
Sell tax: Longer you hold less tax there is (monthly), stop whales
Website UI refresh: Gives people a breath of fresh air
Remove sifu: No convicted ponzi scheme dude on team

I believe if all these are met, we can revitalize the protocol and bring us to ATH or even higher.

The website needs to be refreshed and updated with clear docs and an easy way for smooth brains to be educated.

Like post if u agree.


How would Dani and Sifu make millions off of liqudations and hand the treaury over to abracadabra then? :thinking:

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