Establish Working Groups, to maximise use of community expertise (e.g. Marketing & Communications)

The Wonderland community contains a large number of highly skilled professionals, many of whom would like to actively contribute to the success of this project (without the Treasury spending money on acquiring these skills externally).

This proposal is to establish Working Groups aligned to particular areas of expertise, where community members can participate.
Suggested initial working groups include:

  • Marketing (e.g. social media, Reddit etc.)

  • Communication (e.g. minimising nonsense on Discord, and working with Daniele and Sifu to alleviate pressure around messaging and updates)

Remaining working groups to be established when need / want is that identified. The intention is not to create unnecessary bureaucracy.

Each working group would contain:

  • 7 to 9 people (uneven number to assist in voting lol)
  • 1 elected Chair per Working Group (which can rotate on a semi regular basis if the group agrees)

Chair of each Working Group will liaise directly with Sifu & Daniele, to ensure a) lines of communications remain open b) priority of each working group remains aligned to project needs.

Members of each working group are elected by the community. Chair of each working group is elected by the working group itself.

Working group updates the community on a regular basis on activities / focus / progress.

It should be noted that a key goal (amongst others) is to give Daniele and Sifu the headspace to do what they do best.

Please share your feedback and / or vote for this proposal so we can make the most of this great opportunity!

Community driven projects in most cases can achieve more than a small group. But there are also donwsides of larger group of leaderships while the vision of the project future can be understood and continued by other members. So i would rather make voting polls and encourage everyone to focus in this forum rather than Twitter or discord channels. As it is now the community is split trought the social media and not everyone can see or/and say some thoughts about the plans and decisions that leaders are making. So i would say it is better to create polling system that is pinned to the forum and everyone could vote and also give oppinion about the change. The one thing i am missing is group of active forum moderators to merge/comment each post and have time to read most if not all of it. Organizing the information is very important and can give more drive to the community. We are all in the same boat and it doesn’t matter if you are regular member or a senior moderator, if you are invested your money in it you are a part of all of this.

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I’d suggest providing structure to Wonderland before we create more “unstructured” teams. I made a proposal a while back to formalize the Wonderland Team and allow for growth of needed areas.

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Thanks for sharing the link to your proposal @g_bcn … I’ve had a read, and can definitely understand your intent. We’ll articulated :+1:

I’ve found that traditional governance structures, if added to a project too early can stifle innovation and slow down the progress of change. I’ve found having traditional organisational ‘heads of’ can add layers to decision making that make executing the original vision more cumbersome and can drain the energy of the innovators (the ones we need to keep fresh).
Some of the most successful things I’ve seen delivered (in my banking / technology background) has been from teams that were carved ‘out’ of the organisation….allowed to act with little to no governance, with almost complete independence and free reign. When they complete a project and it is ready to transition to maintenance -mode it is reabsorbed into the original/traditional organisation.

My proposal is to first focus on those functions which are ready for maintenance mode now (hence focus on marketing and communication) while the Daniele / Sifu and the innovators can keep innovating. Thus would help to also maintain connection to the community so their perspectives can be understood. As the project matures, I’d hope this working group model can be considered for application across other functions.

Thanks for sharing your perspective @Daigtas and yes, I can understand what you are saying here.

I do think decision rights and ‘leadership’ roles do need to be very carefully / cautiously considered so as to not stifle innovation (pls see my reply to comment below if you’d like more reasoning from me).

Maybe a voting mechanism (what can get voted on and how) and a social media moderation strategy is something that can be on the agenda for the Communications Working Group?

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excellent proposal yet disagree with the “free/unpaid” portion.

By cementing these groups as UNPAID, a significant portion of the community talent will either never come forward to participate and/or will not persist in the mid/long term.

Wonderland MUST be sustainable/profitable without requiring FREE labor.

So again, excellent proposal but like everything else in a successful and blooming economy, labor must be compensated at a premium to attract top talent


Yes, I think we need to hit a balance. Too much unstructure brings more of what’s happening today (unclear communication, missed timelines, angry investors, etc.) and too much structure prevents agility and innovation.

I still believe formalizing roles within the team and their high level mandates is key. They’re then free to work as they please and hire who they want to fulfill those mandates.

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Allthough this project is fairly young it is already grown in to big family and keeps on growing. We just need to establish clearly and grow exponentialy team of admins/moderators to keep up with the requests, answer all the questions.

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Great point @gabrielxlopez

Peoples time is valuable and contributions should be rewarded so they remain incentivised. I’d suggest they get paid out in tokens from Wonderland or FrogNation….maybe in the same way that devs are.

I suppose they’d also need a budget to spend…eg. If they wanted to ‘pay’ someone for doing some creatives for advertisements (if that expertise wasn’t in the working group). Goal should be to keep everything in the community I’d say (and so we’re not burning $ hiring external ad agencies with empty promise and no accountability, and the like)

Fully agree. Will you please submit your topic as [RFC] with goal to get [WIP]. Thanks.

Absolutely agree with this apart from the part that it has to be for free. The moderators on Discord are doing a great job and have a share in spreading information, aside from the benefit for the whole community they are doing it all in their own time for the good of the project.

Also, It should be clear in which areas we need the groups to work.

Hi, I posted on discord and another thread. I was the Deputy CEO of DDB based in Singapore. It is one of the largest global agency networks. I currently run my own comms and brand consultancy and would love to be part of this working group. Some of my team members are also FROGS who have been in WL since Nov 2021. The project needs a much clearer, concise and consistent comms strategy and approach across all channels moving forwards. Me and my team would love to be an intrinsic part of this project moving forward to build the WL brand up again. You can DM me @NiFTiii#7850 (discord) and @MelvinKuek (twitter).

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